Campus Involvement


In our efforts to fulfill the Mission and Vision of our office, the Center for Campus Involvement has established an advisory board comprised of students from across campus and varying involvement experiences that are committed to improving the student involvement experience at the University of Michigan. 

The Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board will assist the staff of the office by providing a student perspective of the current campus climate regarding the student experience. This will be accomplished through regular monthly Board meetings that will focus on current and potential offerings of student organization services and programs of the Center.

The Board will specifically advise on issues related to:

-          Student Organization Accountability and Recognition policy review

-          Maize Pages system updates and usage

-          New office initiatives

-          Marketing and assessment practices

-          Welcome Week, UMix, and other programming discussion

-          Meeting the needs of a diverse campus population

-          North Campus initiatives

-          Student organization collaboration

-          Leadership development

-          Evaluation of current campus climate and student needs

-          Center services such as the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), Student Theater Arts Complex (STAC), Major Events Office (MEO), Reservation of the Central Campus Diag, Recreation programs, and the Billards Room

The application for the board can be found here. Applications are due at 5pm on February 21st. Application deadline has been extended to midnight Wednesday, February 26th.