Campus Involvement

It is beginning to be the time of year when student organizations are beginning or just finished an election cycle for their organizations.   As leadership changes, remember to update the information on your Maize Pages site.  

The Center for Campus Involvement periodically sends out information to Primary Contacts of organizations and many times certain forms can only be completed by Primary Contacts.   This will become increasily important  for re-registering your organization in May.

Primary Contacts are easy to change, just go to your Maize Page and click on Manage Roster and up at the top, you can change the Primary Contact.  If you change the Primary Contact before you make any other changes to positions, the new Primary Contace will be able to make the other necessary changes. 

ADVICE:  Change those positions in your roster first and have your final change be the Primary Contact position.

As always, please contact CCI if you have questions.