Campus Involvement

Upon placing a hold, the Event Contact will be notified of the fees associated with the particular venue they are holding.  These fees are subject to change as the needs, details, of purpose of the event changes. 


Venue Rental Fees

The venue rental fees are set by University Productions.  Current rental fees for the Major Performance Venues can be found on each venues web page.  The current rental rates reflect the base rent for each venue.  A description of what is included in the base rent can also be found on each venues web site.

Depending on the venue and the event requirements, there may be fees [in addition to the base rent] associated with utilizing the venue.  These may uinclude, but are not limited to event coordination fees, IATSE union labor fees, AV expenses, professional security, DPSS, parking, and ticketing.  


Event Coordination

Because the Center for Campus Involvement is here to serve UM students, all Non-Student Organization events (UM Department and Non-University events) will be charged an Event Coordination fee.  Student Organizations may be required to pay an Event Coordination fee if their event involves large scale production, requires in depth event coordination prior to the event, features professional entertainment, or is being produced for commercial purposes.  The Event Coordination fee differs by venue and covers the time that the Major Events Advisor invests in an event.  

Due to the nature and the variety of events hosted in our Major Performance Venues, there may be times when an On-Site Event Coordinator is required.  The On-Site Event Coordinator fee is a flat rate per day [or 1/2 day date for events 6 hours or less] and covers the expense to have an Event Coordinator present for the duration of the event.   The On-Site Event Coordinator serves as a resource to both the renter and University Productions staff, helping to ensure a safe and successful event.  Campus Departments and Non-University entities are required to have an On-Site Event Coordinator at their events.   

Student Organizations may be required to have an On-site Event Coordinator present if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • If the event is at Hill auditorium
  • If there are potential capacity issues
  • If the Local 395 IATSE Union is called
  • If the event features professional entertainment
  • If the event is marketed beyond the University of Michigan community
  • If the Student Organization has not rented the venue within the past 2 years (due to turnover in leadership within student organizations)
  • If CCI signed the University Productions rental contract on behalf of the student organization
  • If the Student Organization has sanctions placed upon it


IATSE Labor Union Fees

UM has a contract with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts Local 395.   In accordance with the contract, a call for work will be placed for the production and/or presentation of professional theatrical shows, concerts, dance concerts, plays, music, and other events being produced for commercial purposes.  

Labor union pay rates are contractually defined and not negotiable.  The number of hands called and the length of the call depends upon the technical needs of each event.  Such events also require the presence of an event coordinator, and are subject to the associated costs for that service as described above.