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Go Blue banner with students underneth

The Student Philanthropy team is excited to announce we are currently accepting Forever Go Blue grant applications.  There are two types of Forever Go Blue grants available – a research grant and a program grant. 

Forever Go Blue Research Grant

Grant of up to $1,000 available to students who plan to engage in research that seeks to explore the relationship between philanthropy and citizenship, enhance the community’s understanding of philanthropic behaviors, and inspire new approaches to fundraising.  This is the first year a Forever Go Blue research grant will be awarded. 

Forever Go Blue Program Grant

Grant of up to $700 available to student organizations that plan to promote philanthropic thinking,inspire collaboration around altruistic endeavors, and engage in charitable projects that benefit U-M.  Last year, the Forever Go Blue Program Grant was awarded to the Student Organization for Information Analysis and Retrieval (SOIAR) for their annual A2 Datadive event.  A copy of their grant proposal is attached to this email. 

Please help us promote these new, exciting funding opportunities to students, student organizations, and the U-M Ann Arbor campus community. 

Deadline for submission is April 19, 2013.

For questions, contact:

Megan Piersma, Student Philanthropy Program Manager