Campus Involvement

1) Question: When will I be able to make reservations for the winter semester?
Answer: LSA publishes a list of “Free Rooms” in Mason Hall “approximately” the second week of classes in January. A notice on the SOAS website will be posted when Mason Hall Free Rooms can be reserved. Please watch our website for this notice.
2) Question: Does the booking limit of 5 rooms/day apply to an organization or to each authorized signer?
Answer: To give all organizations an equal opportunity to reserve rooms, a limit of 5 Room Reservations per Day per Organization is allowed.
3) Question: Does booking the same room for multiple dates count towards this limit?
Answer: Yes, 1 Room on 1 Date = 1 Reservation
During the first weeks of classes, the walk-in traffic for SOAS is very high. In order to better serve our walk-in customers we ask that you do not call for room reservations or status of room availability as this cannot be given over the phone. For additional information about room reservations please go to and click on “How do I book rooms for my student Organizations? Can you look up availabilities?