Campus Involvement


Meet Samantha: Campus Cursive Founder

Sammy founded her own student organization that writes love letters to lift and empower others through tangible acts of love. Not only that, but she is also on the Dance Marathon central planning team and an orientation leader. While her positions are commendable, Sammy has a unique view on what it means to be a leader that she wants incoming students to know about.


This is something I actually learned last week, and I think it’s really, really important and something that I’m still trying to learn. You can get involved on campus, you can become great leaders, and you can hold many different types of positions…  But to remember that business and your work and organizations does not equate to your self worth. Your worth is not defined by your positions; it’s defined by what you do and how you feel about what you do. In a leader I want to see someone who validates other people, and puts other people’s needs above their self-interests. I think by sacrificing a little bit of yourself for other people you can make whatever you’re involved in or whatever you choose to do a little bit better. I think it drastically improves the outcome.