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Applications are now open for Leadership Connection: Engage, coming May 1-4. Apply Now! (Deadline: March 31st)

Leadership Connection is leadership program for student organizations that provides an opportunity to develop through meaningful work in focus areas such as collaboration, social change, critical thinking, and reflection. This program is delivered in two ways: through one-day intensive sessions during Fall and Winter semesters, and through a three-day in-depth retreat in early May.

Student organizations are identified through an application process, and interested groups should identify which program option best suits their needs. Selected groups send a delegation of three organization members to participate in the Leadership Connection program.

Leadership Connection Program Outcomes

The Leadership Connection curriculum is deeply rooted in the concepts of social change, collaboration and community building, and group development. As a result of participating in this program, organizations will be able to:

  • Stimulate intra-group and inter-group development

  • Build resilient, collaborative relationships within and between organizations
  • Discover how to operate from a socially just framework

  • Think critically about how to advocate for change and influence the campus culture

Leadership Connection Experience Options

Student organizations have two options for participation in the Leadership Connection program: Explore or Engage.  For both experiences, all travel, lodging, and meals are provided. There is no cost to selected participants.

Explore (Fall/Winter)

  • One Day Intensive

  • Ideal for organizations undergoing transition during the academic year, experiencing organizational challenges, or engaging in future planning
  • Upcoming Session:
    • Coming Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Engage (May)

  • Four Day Retreat
  • Great for all organizations wanting to engage deeply in group development and future planning
  •  Upcoming Session:

Leadership Connection is hosted by the Center for Campus Involvement, in partnership with the Ginsberg Center for Service Learning and Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs.

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