Campus Involvement

Meet Matt: Central Student Government LS&A Representative

As the voice of his peers, Matt has a passion for contributing his talents to create positive change. With the aid of administration members he has created a project where students can donate their leftover Blue Bucks to a local food pantry. Such work is tiresome but Matt shares how it’s the little moments that make his work in CSG worth while.


It was like three o’ clock in the morning in the North Campus library, The Dude, and I approached a student from China, and I asked him if he wanted to participate in student government elections. And he was telling me how he’s never voted in an election before, like a real election before, you know China, it’s a Communist country, and he was saying how he would never vote in one of those elections because they’re a fraud election. So he voted in the student government elections. I mean, it was awesome. It’s student government, so it’s not like it was such a big deal, but it’s still democracy in some shape or form, and I think, to be honest we take for granted a lot of the freedoms we have here. And even in student government, you know, it's still a democracy and a lot of people in this world are not fortunate enough to have that opportunity so I was very, very humbled to be able to help someone out in that process.