Campus Involvement

Transformative Learning

We offer students the opportunities for experiential learning, leadership, the application of knowledge, and critical thought. Through our advising of students, we facilitate the reflection that makes meaning of these experiences and results in learning, student development, and defined purpose.

Community Building

We create an inclusive campus environment through our programs and services; unite students, faculty, and staff as one Michigan family; and foster lifelong relationships rooted in shared experiences.

Stewardship of Traditions

We uphold the rituals that enrich our students’ experience, encourage student celebrations, and foster lifelong loyalty to the University of Michigan. We make traditions accessible and meaningful for all students.

Campus Spaces

We act as stewards of shared campus spaces. These spaces help student organizations achieve their goals and provide a mechanism for student learning.


We are attentive to the student voice. We work within the university context to raise awareness, remove barriers, and streamline processes. We help students navigate the university in order for students and student organizations to maximize their potential, and to improve the student experience.