Campus Involvement

Student Centeredness

We are committed to students at the University of Michigan. We believe that the facilitation of co-curricular learning through our programs and services enhances the student experience by providing a foundation for lifelong learning.


We incorporate the culture of leadership excellence that we expect of our students into our own practice. We believe that successful leadership is both process-oriented, as well as the result of leading with integrity, excellent customer service, accountability, positive relationships, and continually challenging the status quo.

Michigan Pride

We honor and embrace the richness of the Michigan legacy, built on traditions of leadership, innovation, and excellence. We ensure that all students are proud to be Wolverines.


We believe that our best work results from internal and external partnerships. We encourage teamwork, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas to bring people together with a common purpose.


We embrace difference and celebrate the cultural pluralism that brings vibrancy to our campus. We seek to meet the needs and interests of all, and to empower all students as valued contributors to the Michigan community.


We welcome innovative and dynamic ideas. Our office fosters a culture of expression and discovery that allows students to champion positive change. We think outside-the-box and challenge the process.