Campus Involvement

A contract is a formal, binding agreement between two or more parties.  When an authorized UM staff member signs a contract, the University becomes legally bound to the terms of the agreement.  According to the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide (SPG), Student Life has authorization to sign entertainment contracts for Student Life Departments and their Sponsored Student Organizations.   

The Center for Campus Involvement is responsible for determining if the contract falls under Student Life's signatory authority,  advising the contracting unit on the terms of the agreement, and processing these agreements. Units within Student Life and Student Life Sponsored Student Organizations should use the Student Life Performance Entertainment Agreement when entering into contractual agreements.    For more information about performance contracting, or to obtain the current contract template, please contact the Center for Campus Involvement's Major Event Advisor,  

Although the Student Life does not sign contracts for Voluntary Student Organizations, the Center for Campus Involvement can provide contracting advice and advisement to Voluntary Student Organizations wishing to enter into a contractual agreement.