Campus Involvement

RVD Exhibit

Visit the Pierpont Commons Wall Gallery located just outside of the Commons Cafe to see this beautiful exhibit!

Artist: Rachael Van Dyke

Artist Statement - Northern Michigan Landscapes

Growing up in a large Italian family where emotions and energy were high, everything had to be done fast. I showered fast, ate fast, talked fast, walked fast and made things fast. Early on I learned to create quickly, having to finish my projects in a matter of hours. I learned to work collaboratively and to not become too attached to my work. This childhood dynamic created a need in me to be aggressive in my work, often cutting through the paint surfaces and restating my lines. Whether I am exploring portraits or landscapes I want my materials to be bold and work fast with me. Exposing that energetic style through a variety of mark making and under-drawing is important to me as it reflects my own zeal for life.

I find myself most comfortable when away from the tradition of easel and canvas. I am often on my hands and knees actively engaged with the drawing, my feet thick in charcoal and oil bar. Outdoors, I tape charcoal onto the tip of a 3-foot stick to use as my drawing tool. Using these techniques allow for a more natural, spontaneous, and spirited drawing. I am eager to search for shapes of color and light that fall on the planes of the face and the ridge and valleys of land. These organic movements are revealed in my landscape paintings, through juxtaposing patterns and colors of the farmlands and vineyards of Upstate New York and Northern Michigan.

The exhibit will be displayed through Thursday, May 16th.

All pieces in the exhibit are for sale. Please contact the Center for Campus Involvement if you are interested in purchasing art from this exhibit.

Please note: The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) provides opportunities for student and professional artists to display work suitable for a general audience. CCI hosting an artist’s work does not mean we endorse the artist’s point of view; we recognize the free speech rights of our exhibitors.