Campus Involvement

Quilt Quarry exhibit, Willis Ward Lounge, Michigan Union, June 2014

Exhibit: Quilt Quarry

Artist: Benedette Palazzola 

Artist Statement

This exhibit, entitled Benedette’s Quilt Quarry in the Michigan Union Willis Ward Lounge, is a collection of many new and some older works.

I was a choreographer for many years, and also occasionally wrote poetry and music. When I learned to sew six years ago, it was in order to be an artist in a new way.  My goal in making quilt art is to raise to the level of fine art the beautiful and richly varied traditions of American quilting. Quilting provides me with an outlet for my love of color, which I didn’t have with other art forms. In fact, many of my quilts are inspired by a glimpse of two or more colors juxtaposed, whether in nature, in a fabric shop, or in my studio.

As an artist, I try to offer work that provides some form of common ground between artist and viewer. I try to reach out to the viewer in ways which I hope are natural and therefore appeal to human nature.  I hope my work could be looked at with pleasure and understanding by someone living a hundred years from now.

This exhibit will be on display until June 30, 2014.

Please note: The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) provides opportunities for student and professional artists to display work suitable for a general audience. CCI hosting an artist’s work does not mean we endorse the artist’s point of view; we recognize the free speech rights of our exhibitors.