Campus Involvement

Meet Bobby: Central Student Government President

Bobby first got involved at UM through Greek life, which then paved the way for his leadership position in CSG. Thanks to Bobby, student ticket prices for sporting events have been lowered and we now have the Wolverine Support Network, a peer-to-peer support network helping students maintain their mental health. Listen to his advice about getting involved.


Say yes. When someone says, “hey, do you want to come to my group meeting?”, say yes. The worst thing that happens is you don’t like it and then you don’t have to come back. But if you never say yes in the first place, you know, you might miss the opportunity to get involved with an amazing organization. And be ok with knowing that maybe what your friends are doing is not something necessarily you’re passionate about. Maybe your passions may lie elsewhere. Some of my closest friends at school are not involved in student government at all.  And be ok with after you’ve said yes to something, if they ask again and you don’t like it be ok saying no. But definitely I would say always say yes the first time.