Campus Involvement

Reservations for SORC advertising services for the Winter semester (January 26 through May 5) will begin on December 2.  If you have never participated in the lottery before and would like to read basic information about it, click here.  You can also request a one-on-one meeting with a SORC Student Manager.  Click here to email.
Lottery services (Diag boards, banners, table tents, Michigan Union banner) applications open onDecember 2 and will remain open until January 9 at 10PM.  There is no rush to enter the lottery, as long as you submit the application sometime during that time frame.  The draw for appointment times is random, so it doesn't matter who submits their application first.  
Non-lottery services (Bus signs, digital ads, glass showcases) will open on December 2 as well.  These services are not by random draw, but are instead on a first-come, first-serve basis.  All requests for non-lottery services are accepted via the SORC website; we can help you submit the requests in person if you need a little guidance.  Otherwise, you can submit them on your own time from any computer with Internet access.
Bus signs are open until filled.  Digital ads don't really fill up, so you can submit them almost anytime.  Glass showcases are all about location.  The most popular ones are those in the Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons, so if you want one of those, plan to submit the request first thing on December 2.  But the other locations (Dennison, School of Education, School of Music, and MLV) generally remain available.  
Conference Room and BPA reservations for January 26 through May 5 will also begin on December 2.  These must be completed in person at SORC during regular business hours.