Campus Involvement

Meet Fabiana: Dean of Students Office Student Advisory Board

Fabiana has expanded her interests, areas of knowledge, and become a part of new communities just by exploring the offices around her workplace at the Union. From her involvement at the Dean’s office, SAPAC, and Culture Shift she has acquired a multitude of diverse talents. Hear what Fabiana wants you to know about putting yourself out there.


Video Transcript:

This is a time to take risks. Because, when you do, it’s not about “oh I made a mistake and this is now what I have to do…” It’s about learning and it’s that learning curve that you get, and it opens up so many more doors for you when you do make a mistake and you recognize it and you take that next step to take another risk, and to not be afraid and leave your comfort zone. It’s ok to not feel comfortable, because when you feel uncomfortable is when you learn the most. I already know my culture, I know where I come from, so I want to expand to other cultures that I’m not so aware on. And like, as hard as it might be because it’s not where I’m comfortable, I'm more comfortable with my culture, but that is where I’ve learned and that’s where I’ve learned a lot of what I need to do when I leave this campus. A lot of the work that I’m passionate about is because I stepped out of my comfort zone. So I think it’s always important to really reach out to other people and, like, connect because that’s how you make your connections, that’s how you build your community.