Campus Involvement

winterfest graphic, 1/13/15, 4-7:30, Michigan Union

Winterfest 2015 is coming!

Tuesday, January 13th from 4pm-7:30pm, Michigan Union

If you are looking to get involved on campus this is the time to explore.  There will be over 180 student organizations and departments on hand to talk with you about the various options on how to get involved, find a new passion, and have some fun!

Below is a list of student organizations and departments registered for the event. Please note that those who will actually be in attendance differ if organizations/departments do not check-in and other groups take their place in our lottery drawing.

390th Booster Club
Active Minds at the University of Michigan
Advocates for Mental Health
African Students Association
Alpha Epsilon Phi
alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)
Alpha Kappa Psi
Alpha Phi Omega - Gamma Pi Chapter
Alternative Summer Break
Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
American Medical Student Association (AMSA Pre-Med Chapter)
Angels on Call
Animania: The Japanese Animation Film Society
Apex Trading Group
Apostolic One
Arab Student Association
Arts at Michigan
Arts Chorale
Ascend Michigan
Asian American Association
Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Ask Big Questions at the University of Michigan
Awaken Ann Arbor
Ballroom Dance Team
Beta Theta Pi
Black Business Undergraduate Society
Blood Drives United
Body-Peace Corps
BOND Consulting Group
Botanical Gardens & Arboretum
Building A Better Michigan
Bujinkan Budo Club
Catholic Street Evangelization
Catholic Student Association
Center for Educational Outreach
Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls (CHAARG)
Christian Challenge
Circle K at the University of Michigan
CMA EDU at The University of Michigan
College Democrats at the University of Michigan
Counseling and Psychological Services
Culture of Medicine Club
Dalliance Dance Crew
Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan
Dean of Students - Beyond the Diag & Expect Respect
Delta Gamma Phi
Delta Nu Delta Fraternity
Divest and Invest
Do Random Acts of Kindness
Dota Club
Engineering Student Ambassadors Consulting
Eperimental Musical Instruments
Epsilon Nu Tau (ENT)
Fantasy Sports for Charity
First-Generation College Students @ Michigan
Food Industry Student Association (F.I.S.A)
Food Recovery Network at University of Michigan
Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children
Friends of the Gargoyle
Habitat for Humanity
Human Rights Through Education
I've Got Your Back (at the University of Michigan)
Information and Technology Services
Inter-Cooperative Council
International Center's Education Abroad Office
International Youth and Students for Social Equality
Iranian Graduate Student Association
Islamic Society of Ahl-ul-Bayt
J Street U (J Street UMich)
Japan Student Association (JSA)
Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity
Kappa Omega Alpha
Kappa Theta Pi
La Salud
Latin@ Culture Show
Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Discussion
Lean in at University of Michigan
Liberty in North Korea
LSA Student Government
Manna Project International at the University of Michigan
MedLife at University of Michigan
Michigan Animation Club
Michigan Argentine Tango Club
Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
Michigan Business Club
Michigan Chapter of the Triangle Fraternity
Michigan Dining
Michigan GIVErs
Michigan Hackers
Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives
Michigan Hillel
Michigan Investment Capitalists
Michigan Latin@ Assembly
Michigan Nordic Ski Club
Michigan Paintball Club Ann Arbor
Michigan Political Union
Michigan Pre Law Society
Michigan Synthetic Biology Team
Michigan Telefund
Michigan Toastmasters
Middle East and Arab Network
MPowered Entrepreneurship
MRun - Running Club at the University of Michigan
Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students
MUSIC Matters
Muslim Students' Association
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Networkingout at U-M
New Movement
Nexecon Consulting Group
NOiR Runway Fashion
Operation PROM at the University of Michigan
Org Name
OUA Tour Guides
Oxfam Michigan
Pantanal Partnership
Phi Chi Theta
Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity
Phi Gamma Nu
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America - Epsilon Chapter
Phi Rho Alpha
Phi Sigma Pi
Pre-Medical Club
Project Flavor
Project Suyana
Promoting Healthcare through Dance
Recreational Sports/ Spectrum Center
Results @ U of M
Ross Chinese Business Club
Rotaract Club
School of Information
Semester in Detroit
Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center
She's the First at the University of Michigan (STF)
Sigma Phi
Silver Wings
Society for Creative Anachronism
Society for Human Resource Management
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)
Society of Global Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Student Actuaries at Michigan
Student Ambassadors - Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Student Food Allergy Network
Student Food Co
Student Legal Services
Student Life HR
Student Socialist Union
Student Space Systems Fabrication Lab
Student Sustainability Initiative
Student United Way
Students against skin cancer
Students Allied for Freedom and Equality
Students for Choice
Students for Clean Energy
Students for Recovery (SFR)
Students Helping Honduras
Super Smash Brothers Club
Sustainability Without Borders
Sweetland Center for Writing
Tae Kwon Do
The Career Center
The Detroit Partnership
The Midnight Book Club
The Program on Intergroup Relations
The Roosevelt Institute
Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
TOMS at the University of Michigan Campus Club (TOMS)
Tzu Ching (Tzu Chi Collegiate Association)
UM Peace Corp
UMS Student Committee
United 2 Heal
University of Michigan Engineering Council
University of Michigan Men's Glee Club
University of Michigan Rugby Football Club
University Of Michigan Supermileage Team
University Unions Marketing
Unsung Heroes Collective
Volunteers Involved Every Week
Waterski Team at the University of Michigan (Waterski)
What the F: Your Monthly Periodical
Will Work for Food
Wolveriene Wellness
Wolverine Battalion Army ROTC
Wolverine Capital Investments
Wolverine CuiZine
Wolverine Fitness
Wolverine Tutors: A Chapter of Learn to Be
Young Americans for Freedom at the University of MIchigan
Young Life College