Campus Involvement

Are you looking for a way to engage your members with an interactive workshop? CCI staff members will facilitate sessions based on your needs. Specific workshops include:
  • StrengthsQuest (*$9.99/person): This personal assessment identifies your top five talent themes, and facilitators will help you use these to achieve academic, career, and personal success, especially while working in teams.
  • Real Colors (*$10.95/person): This personality instrument identifies your temperament as one of four colors, which is then used to discuss motivation, communication, and other group dynamics.
We can also create an individualized workshop tailored to your organization. Past sessions have included time management, running effective meetings, work-life balance.
*Prices subject to change based on current cost of codes and supplies. Any department or unit outside of Student Life will be charged a facilitation fee.
If you are interested in a workshop for your organization or department, please complete the CCI Workshop Request Form.