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Music Con 2017

Music Con 2017
Music Con is an annual student-run convention centered around student music. We bring together music experts from around the Ann Arbor/SE Michigan area to share knowledge about everything from songwriting, book gigs, how to find a graphic designer, to building a career in the industry.

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Beyond the Medium
What happens when music intersects with other art forms? Tips on how to collaborate with other types of art forms to create new and exciting work.

Activism outside of your music
How can you utilize your music to make a difference in a community? What is music’s role in social movements and activism?

Tips from current songwriters on how to find inspiration to write new music.

How to manage your own project, including tips on how to book and promote your own gigs (flyering, social media skills).

Interning in the Industry
How to get an internship in the music industry and what you actually do as an intern.

Collaborating with Creatives
How to work with photographers for your gigs, writers and bloggers help promote your projects, how to find artists and designers to make flyers, logo, and creative identity, & sound engineers to make it all come together.

Talent Buyers and Agents
What is the relationship between agent and musician? How to become an agent/talent buyer.
How does one build a network in the industry?
What is the scouting process like from the buyers & agents’ perspectives?

Being the Artist
How to come into your creative identity as a musical artist.

How to Start Stuff on this Campus
How to create bands, organizations, collectives around music with fellow students on the Ann Arbor campus.
Michigan Union-Anderson A-D
March 26, 2017
10:00 AM