Campus Involvement

Last Updated: October 30, 2020 | 10:00 AM

The University of Michigan has announced its plans for a public health informed Fall semester. We know that this announcement impacts how student organizations are approaching everything they do for the Fall semester, from recruitment to event planning, from mass meetings to rehearsals.

Authorized signers will continue to receive emails from the Center for Campus Involvement and this page will be updated regularly with additional resources.


Some Recommended Next Steps:

  • Bookmark and share this page with your student organization members. This page will be updated frequently to reflect CCI's most current guidance and resources for student organizations.

  • Review Public Health-Informed Safety Measures for Recognized Student Organizations. Share these guidelines with your members and take them into consideration as you continue planning for Fall.

  • Contact your student organization’s advisor, sponsoring unit, national chapter, community partners, etc. to continue having conversations about your org’s plans for Fall and Winter Semesters.


Resources, Planning Guides and Reflection Activities:

Other Helpful Links: