Campus Involvement

Below are several forms that your student organization may need to utilize.

  • CCI Travel Safety Form  - VSOs need to complete this form 48 business hours before CCI signing the Vehicle Rental Form.
  • Event Sponsorship (or doc) - Complete this form if your organization is requesting your one-time event to be sponsored by a University unit.  This form must be completed by the organization and the sponsoring University unit.
  • New Constitution Form- Any time an organization makes changes to their constitutions organizations must upload the newest addition to CCI. CCI only upholds the most recent constitution submitted to our office. 
  • Room Reservation Resource - Use this tool to find space available on-campus for use by student organizations.
  • Sponsored Student Organization Agreement (.docx )  (.docx)- Student Organizations who are seeking or are a Sponsored Student Organization, must complete the SSO Agreement with their sponsoring unit.  This form needs to be completed at the time of registration.
  • Student Organization Name Change- Request a name change for your organization.  You will need to complete this online form and upload the pdf | doc within the online form. This form can only be completed after you have registered your organization (under the previous name).
    • Vehicle Reservations (pdf) - Request a vehicle form the University's Fleet Services. Recognized Student Organizations (VSO, SSO) only. Be sure to review Parking and Transportations' policies and procedures.

    • VSO to SSO Request - This form is to be completed by current VSOs that have completed the SSO agreement and would like to become a SSO. You will need to upload your completed SSO Agreement in this form. After submission please give 5 business days for processing.
    • Workshop Requests-The Center for Campus Involvement offers many different workshops for student organizations and departments across campus. Sign up today.