Campus Involvement

Ushering Major Events

The Center for Campus Involvement often needs volunteers to usher for Major Events.  CCI retains an active listserv for this purpose.  When ushering opportunities arise, an email containing information about the show needing ushers and instructions for signing up for that particular opportunity is sent to the listserv.

Event Evaluation Meeting

The Event Evaluation (EEVAL) Meeting is designed to improve future events presented by the hosting organization.  An EEVAL Meeting may be held if there are problems that occur throughout the planning process or the event itself.  Problems could include, but are not limited to: the organization not adhering to building access and show start times, deviation from previously communicated plans, failure to follow policy, failure to communicate with university staff.  Any parties experiencing concerns may contact the Center for Campus Involvement to request an EEVAL Meeting.

Pre-Event Planning Meeting

The Pre-Event Planning (PREP) Meeting is designed to help the hosting organization to have a successful event.


A PREP Meeting may be deemed necessary if any of the following circumstances are met:

  • The organization has sanctions placed on it from a previous event.


Sanctions are penalties placed on an organization because of planning issues and/or incidents at the event itself.  Each circumstance will be evaluated on an individual basis consistent with the issue that occurred. 

Sanctions shall be jointly determined by University Productions and the Center for Campus Involvment, and placed for a specified period of time.   Organizations shall be notified in writing of a sanction being placed or lifted. 

Athletic Venue Concert Rental

UM Athletics requires that any major concert occurring in the venues they manage be run through the Center for Campus Involvement/Major Events.  CCI/Major Events possesses unique knowledge of the concert industry and has experience in producing major concerts on campus.

If you would like to inquire about renting one of these venues for a major concert please contact the Center for Campus Involvement. 

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