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Updated October 20, 2020 | 3:30 pm

These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with the latest guidance from the University, local, state and federal guidelines. Please refer to this page for the most up to date guidelines for student organizations.

Downloadable Version (Current Version last updated October 20, 2020): PDF

The Campus Maize and Blueprint website informs the University of Michigan of how to live, learn, and work in an innovative, in-person 2020-21 academic year. With more than 1,600 co-curricular, student-run clubs and organizations on campus, the following public health-informed safety measures provide guidance for student leaders as they plan and develop their activities for fall semester. The safety measures will be updated as necessary. The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) within University Unions in Student Life provides advising and resources for students as they lead their organizations.   


The University of Michigan has recently shared a Stay-in-Place order for Undergraduate Students from the Washtenaw County Health Department that goes into effect October 20, 2020, until at least November 3rd. All undergraduate students are not permitted to gather together in person. This order is only focused on undergraduate students due to the increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases within this population with the goal of significantly reducing gatherings. Please reference the University’s Maize and Blueprint for campus-level guidance. 

We at the Center for Campus Involvement know that this pivot brings a range of challenges and difficulties for you, your involvement, and your student organizations, particularly the many student organizations that have been adhering to public health measures in your work. Here is what the Stay-in-Place Order for Undergraduate Students means for student organizations (Note: Please be aware that these policies will also shift based on any updates or extensions of the Stay-in-Place Order)

  • Student Organization In-Person Events/Programs/Practices/Rehearsals/etc: 

    • Any in-person events/meetings/rehearsals/practices/etc planned for the duration of the Stay-in-Place order must be shifted to a virtual setting. 

    • Under the newly issued stay in place order, undergraduate students must remain in their residence unless attending class, accessing dining services, or carrying out approved work that cannot be done remotely. 

    • Under existing state orders, everyone must continue to separate themselves from others not already in their household by at least 6 feet and wear a face covering when out in public or in common areas.

  • The IdeaHub in The Michigan Union is closed for student organization meetings and work until the Stay-in-Place order is lifted. 

  • The Student Theatre Arts Complex is closed for student rehearsals and practices until at least November 3rd. Contact STAC for scheduling adjustments, future reservations, and support needed to modify activities during this Stay at Home Order.

  • The Michigan Union Ticket Office continues to provide student organizations with a virtual ticketing service for live streaming events. Contact MUTO for virtual event support.

  • The Student Organization Resource Center continues to work with student organizations for advertisements. Contact SORC for any questions and existing and future reservations and services. 

  • Student Organization Development and Support: 

Community Care and Accountability

All RSOs must act in a manner that demonstrates respect, safety and care for others to ensure the well-being of our community. As leaders in the community, following the Wolverine Culture of Care, RSOs have the opportunity to model exceptional public-health informed practices and center the needs of others. CCI encourages self-education on health-positive, fact-based information as well as spreading awareness of the disparate impacts and realities of COVID-19 in marginalized and vulnerable communities. While it is important for RSOs to understand public health-informed safety measures, it is also important to have a pathway for educating and holding the RSOs accountable.

In accordance with the Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations, students, faculty, and staff can submit a report to CCI if student organizations are not following public health-informed safety measures. RSOs are subject to the COVID-19 Accountability Pathway as part of the SOAR process if they do not follow public health-informed safety measures.

Previous Versions

As a courtesy and for your records, CCI will provide all previous versions of these guidelines, but only the guidelines listed above this section apply to current and future events. Previous versions listed below are provided for REFERENCE ONLY and do not reflect the current RSO guidelines detailed on this page.

Version 1 (Valid through August 20, 2020): PDF

Version 2 (Valid through August 26, 2020): PDF

Version 3 (Valid through September 18, 2020): PDF

Version 4 (Valid through October 8, 2020): PDF

Version 5 (Valid through October 20, 2020): PDF