Summer and September Advertising

This page contains information about reserving SORC services for the Spring-Summer Reservation period.  This period includes the first three weeks of September.

Lottery Services:  Diag boards, Diag banner poles, Table Tents, and the Michigan Union banner

There is a lottery for an appointment time to reserve Diag boards, Diag banners, Table Tents, and the Michigan Union banner.  

Need balloons? We've got 'em!

The SORC offers a full-scale balloon delivery service, managed by the talented team of student employees.  We also welcome walk-in requests for small bouquets to recognize someone's birthday or other special occasion.

Woman holding balloons

Bus Signs: Request Space

SORC is now accepting reservation requests for the Spring-Summer period, which includes dates from May 8 through September 24.  Reservations for Fall will open in early July.

Spring-Summer, Fall, and Winter are three separate booking periods; it is not possible to start a reservation in Winter and continue into Spring/Summer, nor start in the Spring/Summer period and continue into Fall, nor start in Fall and continue into Winter.  


students are riding blue bus

Diag Boards: Availability

Diag boards are effective and inexpensive, so they are very high in demand. There is a lottery at the beginning of each semester for Diag board reservation appointment times. Find out what you need to know here.

Diag board location H

Spring Hours of Operation

Spring Hours of Operation

Hours   Monday 11AM-4PM
Hours   Tuesday 11AM-4PM
Hours   Wednesday 11AM-4PM
Hours   Thursday 11AM-4PM
Hours   Friday 11AM-4PM
Hours   Saturday  CLOSED
Hours   Sunday  CLOSED