SORC does not take reservations over the phone.  We are happy to tell you whether the SORC Boardroom is available over the phone, but to secure a reservation, you must either visit SORC in person or complete this form, scan it, and email it to

12X6 rule:  Your group may have as many as 12 pending reservations for the Boardroom at any time.  Reservations may last up to 6 hours.  Note:  this maximum does not apply to weekday daytime reservations that end before 5PM, but please book responsibly and notify SORC of cancellations as soon as possible. 

Reservations made within 48 hours of the meeting time may not be listed on the directories at the entrances to the Michigan Union or at Campus Information.  This means people coming to the meeting will need to know where it is, and the room might be locked when you arrive.

Get access to the SORC Boardroom by checking in at SORC.  When SORC is not open, go to CIC on the 1st floor and ask for the Building Manager. 

Weekend and early-morning reservations must be made in advance.  You may NOT use the SORC Boardroom when SORC is closed, unless you reserved the space ahead of time.

If you would like food or beverages for your meeting, contact Conference & Event Services, Room 1310.  Absolutely no outside food or beverages are allowed for meetings in the Michigan Union.  If you bring food from outside, it may be confiscated.  It is, however, acceptable to consume items purchased at any of the restaurants or stores in the Michigan Union.  If you exercise this option, keep the receipt handy.

As stated in the Facilities Use Policy, “The Michigan Union was built in 1916.  We are extremely vested in maintaining its grandeur.  To this end, we do not permit taping or tacking on the walls.”  If you have presentation needs, please consult a SORC staff member when you place the reservation.  You can also reserve Audio-Visual services at Conference & Event Services, Room 1310 Michigan Union.

Your organization is responsible for any special seating arrangement and must return the room to its original seating before leaving. 

You may not burn candles, matches, or other flammable items in the Michigan Union. 

You must dispose of all trash, papers, etc., in the appropriate recycling bins.  Find trash and recycling receptacles in the hallway outside SORC.

When you leave, make sure the door is closed and locked behind you and the lights are turned off, especially if SORC is closed. 

The SORC Boardroom is checked after each use.  You may incur cleaning or equipment replacement fees if your group fails to meet any of these requirements.  These fees will be charged to the Shortcode provided above.