a computer screen

Digital advertising screens are a remarkably effective way to convey your message in full color to thousands of passers-by in the Michigan Union, Michigan League, Pierpont Commons, and several Campus Computing Sites.

SORC is now accepting reservation requests for Digital Ads for the Winter reservation period, which is late January through early May, and the Spring-Summer reservation period, which is May through September 27. Unlike many other SORC services, it is ok to start a digital ad at the end of one reservation period and continue it into the next.  

Advertisers may reserve advertising space on over 20 digital screens around campus on a day-by-day basis.

A few things you should know if this is your first time using this advertising medium:

  • The minimum reservation is three days; the maximum reservation is one semester. Advertisers create their designs, save them as a .jpg file, and submit them to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC Managers upload the artwork.
  • Reservation requests are accepted only online so that we may maintain a fair hierarchy.
  • First-time users are strongly encouraged to read all "Digital Ads" pages to educate themselves.

Request Digital Ad Space Now!