The reservation term is from the start of SORC business on the first day to the close of SORC business on the last day.

  • If you reserve the space for 10/11-10/19, for example, you can put up the display anytime after 10AM on 10/11 and must take the display down before 10PM on 10/19.
  • A reservation of 10/1 through 10/7 is seven days. A reservation of 9/12 through 9/15 is four days. Count on your fingers!
  • Space is available by the day, with a minimum reservation period of 3 days. Your display can go up for just three days, or for the entire semester.

The organization is responsible for placing its display and removing its display on the scheduled dates before the close of SORC business.

  • SORC closes at 6PM on Fridays. Reservations that end on Fridays must be taken down by 6PM.
  • Reservations cannot start or end on a day that SORC is closed.
    • SORC is closed on Saturdays during the academic year (both Saturday and Sunday during the spring-summer).
    • SORC hours vary during finals, holidays, and semester breaks.
  • SORC opens at 12PM on Sundays during the academic year. Reservations that start on Sundays must be put up after 12PM.
    • Reservations cannot start or end on a Sunday during spring-summer.
  • A fine may be assessed if the organization fails to remove its display, resulting in unreasonable burden for the incoming group.

The key can be checked out anytime during SORC business hours but may not be kept overnight.

  • An additional fine may be assessed if the key is not returned.
  • A photo ID (driver license, state ID card) must be left in exchange for the showcase key.

Since your organization is responsible for putting up the display, there is some flexibility on placement. If, for example, you reserve the space for a Monday but can't make it in to pick up the key until Wednesday, you merely sacrifice those two days of exposure. In such instances, your group is not eligible for a refund for the unused space.

Submitting a complete request implies a financial obligation to SORC for the cost of the space.  E-mailing us back a few days later to cancel a completed reservation will not result in a full refund.

Payment must be made by transfer of funds. As long as the space is available, there is no further information needed for departmental reservations. For student organizations, there will be an additional step in the approval process.

  • SORC clerks will forward the request to the person listed as the authorized signer.
  • That person will need to reply to SORC's email from their e-mail account to authorize the transfer of funds from the SOAS account number provided.
  • SORC will verify funds and authorized signer status with SOAS; the contract is then final.

Your display must not violate University of Michigan content, trademark, or name usage policies (listed in greater detail below).