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Spring-Summer Advertising

The Spring-Summer lottery takes place in mid-April every year and includes early May through late September advertising dates

  • The 2015 Spring-Summer reservation period encompasses the dates of May 4 through September 21.  
  • Because of decreased demand between May 4 and August 24, most SORC services are reserved in 4-week periods and are deeply discounted.  All services that are placed by SORC staff (Diag boards, Banners, and Bus Signs) are scheduled for four weeks at a time, Monday through Monday, as follows:
    • May 4 - June 1 
    • June 1 - June 29 
    • June 29 - July 27 
    • July 27 - August 24 
    • Exception 1:  The Michigan Union banner is still reserved weekly rather than monthly
    • Exception 2:  Table Tents are not available from 5/4 until 8/30.  See below for information about Table Tents in August and September.
    • Diag board space rental is FREE during this time.  You pay only for us to move your canvas once every four weeks (required).
    • Space rental charges for Diag Banners, Bus Signs, Digital Ads, and Glass Showcases are 50% off during this time.  
  • Weekly reservations resume in August at regular prices and placement deadlines.  Even though the prices and duration of exposure are different, you still reserve the spaces now.
    • Available dates for Monday-to-Monday services (Diag boards, Diag banner poles, Michigan Union banner) for this time period are:
      • August 24 - 31
      • August 31 - September 7 (Michigan Union banner not available this week)
      • September 7 - 14
      • September 14 - 21 
    • Available dates for Sunday-to-Sunday services (Bus signs, Table Tents) for this time period are:
      • August 23 - August 30 (table tents not available this week)
      • August 30 - September 6
      • September 6 - September 13 
      • September 13 - September 20
      • Note:  The Thursday-to-Thursday Bus Sign placement option resumes on September 10 and will be offered in July as part of the "Fall" reservation period.
    • Available dates for Digital Ads and Glass Showcases for this time period are:
      • August 23 - September 24 (rented by the day, not by the week like the services that are physically placed by SORC students)


Spring-Summer Lottery Timeline

  • Wednesday, 4/1  Online lottery applications open for Diag Board and Diag Banner reservation appointments for Spring-Summer reservations (advertising for May 4 through September 21).  
  • Wednesday, 4/1  Online lottery applications open for Table Tents and Michigan Union banner for August-September dates.
  • Tuesday, 4/14    Deadline 10PM to apply for a Spring Lottery appointment for Diag Boards and Diag Banners.
  • Tuesday, 4/14     Deadline 10PM to enter the random drawing for Table Tents for 8/30-9/21.
  • Tuesday, 4/14     Deadline 10PM to enter the random drawing for the Michigan Union banner from 8/24-8/31 and 9/7-9/21.
  • Friday, 4/17    11AM-3PM In-person reservation appointments for Diag Boards and Diag Banners (by appointment).
  • Friday, 4/17    3PM in-person reservations for May 4 through September 21 continue until spaces are filled; no appointment is needed after April 17 scheduled appointments.
  • Monday, 4/20    Online reservation requests open for Bus Signs, Glass Showcases, and Digital Ads for May 4 through September 24.


Fall Advertising:  A Look Ahead

The Fall lottery takes place in mid-September every year and includes late September through late January advertising dates.

  • Monday, 5/4   Online Fall lottery applications for Diag boards, Diag banners, Table Tents, and the Michigan Union banner open; remain open until Thursday, September 10, 2015.
  • Monday, 7/6 (estimated)   Online reservation requests for Bus Signs, Glass Showcases, and Digital Ads for September 20 through mid-January 2016 open; remain open until filled.  Bus sign reservations for Thursday-to-Thursday placement will resume on September 10 and will also open in early July.
  • Thursday, 9/10  Online lottery applications for Diag boards, Diag banner poles, Table Tents, and Michigan Union banner close.
  • Monday, 9/14      Reservation appointments to reserve Diag boards and Diag banner poles take place from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • 9/14-9/18 (all week)     Winners of Table Tent and Union banner lottery can complete reservations in person or via email.

Learn more about Fall advertising

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Why is there a lottery?

  • Completing reservations via lottery instead of on a walk-in, first-come first-serve basis does the following:
    • maximizes the fairness of access to limited campus advertising resources.
    • minimizes the amount of wait time; most advertisers are in and out within 20 minutes.  If we didn't have a lottery, you'd be waiting in line for hours.
    • allows you to do as much as possible from the convenience of your computer.

Read more about the lottery and its history here