The banner space in front of the Michigan Union is available on a limited basis to student organization and U-M departments.

  • Only organizations that are holding an event in the Michigan Union are eligible to apply for the space.  Others can be added to the bottom of the wait list; their banners will be considered if the wait list is exhausted.
  • The banner is reserved for Michigan Union use for major campus programs a few weeks of the year, by departmental request at least 6 months in advance:

    • Art Fair (mid-July)
    • Welcome Week (late Aug / early Sept)
    • Parents weekend (between late September and early November)
    • Commencement (late April / early May)

Because of its visibility and often high demand for this space, a lottery may be conducted at the start of the fall and winter semesters. Summer availability is open, by request.

  • If you are interested in reserving this space between May 4 and August 25, email the SORC Supervisor for availability.
  • If you are interested in reserving this space during the school year, requests must be entered via lottery.
  • Click here to apply for the Michigan Union banner lottery.

Winners of the lottery will be posted immediately on the day the drawing is completed. Winners must accept or decline the space no later than 3 weeks prior to the start date.


Union Banner Results/Standings

Below are the current standings for the use of the Michigan Union banner space. 

If you would like to be added to the waiting list, or if you would like to claim one of the available periods, e-mail Include your group name and the time period for which you'd like to be added. Please also include the date of your event and the room in which it is scheduled, bearing in mind that placement is only available on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

If you are listed below and wish to reserve the suggested time period, here's what to do:

  • If you have never used the space before:  schedule an appointment with Betsy by emailing Please do this before the deadline listed below.
  • If you have used the space before, already have a banner, and merely wish to complete a contract for the space rental, the organization's authorized signer needs to send a message to before the deadline including the following:
    • I accept the Michigan Union banner space on behalf of (organization name) for (date).
    • My phone number is:  xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    • My shortcode is (number), and I am the authorized signer for my organization.
    • The date and room in the Michigan Union in which my event is being held is:  X/XX in the XXXXXXX Room.
    • I acknowledge the construction and content guidelines for SORC and will submit materials that follow these guidelines.  If you have questions, please email to receive a PDF attachment with further details.
    • Student organizations:  I acknowledge a charge of $7 per day for the space rental and $10 for the placement fee.
    • Departments:  I acknowledge a charge of $12 per day for the space rental and $14 for the placement fee.