Basic Specifications for Michigan Union banner

Banners that go on the poles over the steps of the Michigan Union must be 24 feet long (wide) and 3 feet tall. The Union banner is held up by a cable with clips that attach to the banner along the top edge and on the four corners, so grommets must be spaced every 12-18 inches along the top as well as the four corners. There must also be a single grommet in the center of the banner on the bottom edge, where a clip is attached to prevent the banner from flipping over itself (you might be surprised how great an impact the wind has on the banners!).

Professionally Printed Banners

Vinyl banners weigh up to three times as much as mesh banners, don't hold up as well in excessive wind and elements, and don't look as good.  The cost of mesh banners continues to go down, while the cost of vinyl banners goes up.  For these reasons, as of March 2015, SORC will no longer accept new banners that are printed on vinyl.  We will continue to accomodate vinyl banners as long at they are on good condition, but all new banners must be mesh.  Please note that the life expectancy of a vinyl banner is 3-5 years at most.  SORC staff have the discretion of determining whether a banner is still suitable for use.  If you reserve the space and have a vinyl banner, please make arrangements ASAP to show it to the Manager to determine whether it can still be placed.

Although you may purchase a banner from a supplier of your choice, several users have been impressed with the prices, customer service, and quality of these specific vendors:

Be advised that a banner this large costs at least $275, as high as $450 depending on the complexity of your design.