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Winter 2019 SORC Advertising

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC, pronounced "source") offers 6 different advertising services.  Click any link below to learn more about each service.


How to Reserve These Services

  • To learn more about what each of these services is, click on the embedded links, or click on the "Advertising Services" menu at the top of this web page and choose the service you're interested in.
    • The deadline to enter the lottery for any of the above services identified as "lottery" is Thursday, 1/10/19 at 8PM.
    • For the services identified as "First-come first-serve," scroll down for more information.
  • There are three reservation periods per year:  Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.  
    • The Winter reservation period includes all dates between 1/28/19-5/13/19.
    • If you are interested in reserving advertising services for any dates prior to 1/28/19, please call, email, or visit SORC now.  Those weeks are part of the Fall reservation period, which opened in July.
    • If you are interested in reserving spaces after 1/28/19, there is another lottery in April for the Spring-Summer reservation period.  Please note that the Spring-Summer reservation period includes the first three weeks of September 2019.
    • You can join our mailing list to receive timely announcements, and you might want to put a reminder in your calendar to check back on April 10.
  • Only University of Michigan departments and registered student organizations are eligible to reserve SORC services.
    • Click to read more about general Eligibility & Content requirements.
    • Your student organization must be registered for 2018-2019 on Maize Pages and must have at least 3 confirmed authorized signers to enter the SORC lottery or reserve SORC services.


Lottery Services

Simply submit your application(s) anytime before Thursday, 1/10/19 at 8PM.  You will find the applications on the "buttons" below, but here are some important points:

  • Once you submit your application(s), you don't need to do anything until 1/12/19.  
  • Results of the random lottery drawings for Diag boards, Diag banner poles, and Table Tents will be posted prominently on the SORC website before Monday, 1/14/19.
  • Diag banner pole reservation appointments and Diag board reservation appointments will take place on Tuesday, 1/15 and Wednesday, 1/16.  
    • This depends greatly on SORC student staff schedules.  Additional information posted here after they register for Winter classes.
    • All appointments take place at SORC, located in the Michigan League Underground.
  • What you win in the lottery isn't an assigned space; you win an appointment to meet with SORC staff to reserve the spaces you need.  
    • A better draw in the lottery means an earlier appointment time and, thus, a better shot at the most desirable spaces.
  • These are two separate drawings for Diag board and Diag Banner appointments; you may apply for one or the other or both.  If you apply for both, you will have two appointment times, and it is necessary to attend both of them at the scheduled times.
  • Appointment times are firm; if you miss the appointment, you've missed your group's best opportunity to reserve the most visible/desirable spaces.
  • Anyone from your group can reserve spaces; it does not have to be an authorized signer.  That person will need to know the dates, how many spaces to reserve, and an approximate budget.  An authorized signer will simply need to authorize the charge before the payment deadline (more below).
  • Table Tents require no appointment; a list of winners is posted, and contracts can be finalized either in person or via email.
    • The top four organizations in the drawing are the winners.  They are given a deadline, by which they can either accept and pay for the space, or decline.  
    • If a winning group declines or fails to respond by the deadline, that group forfeits its chance.  The space is then offered to the next organization on the wait list, and that group has a period of time (usually 2-3 days) to decide.
    • This rolling deadline continues until all four spaces for each week are filled.
  • Payment for services reserved during Lottery Week is due on Thursday, January 17 by 5PM; you many cancel some or all of your spaces before then without penalty, as long as you haven't signed the contract yet.  Once you provide a shortcode and sign the contract, it is considered final, and SORC's contract cancellation fees apply.


Apply for the Diag board lottery

Apply for the Diag Banner pole lottery

Apply for the Table Tent lottery



First-come, First-Serve Services

Other SORC services are not reserved via lottery, but there is a designated start date to reserve them.  The online request forms to request Bus Signs, Digital advertising and Glass Showcases for the Winter reservation period are open now.  There is no deadline for these requests per se, but when the spaces are full, they close. 

  • The request form is online, but if you have never done this before and would like a little extra help, visit SORC between 10AM-8PM weekdays (6PM Fridays).  The student on duty can help guide you through the process and, if you like, can even help you fill out the request form in person.  You will need a laptop to do this.
  • If you've done this before or feel like you don't need any extra help, scroll down to see the space request forms.


Why is there a lottery?

  • SORC services are high in demand.  The concept of "one-stop" shopping for each organization isn't logistically feasible with this many spaces available.  It also is not fair to whatever group ends up at the back of the line.
  • If we didn't schedule appointment times, you would wait a very long time to speak to someone who can help you reserve spaces.
  • SORC is a student-driven organization.  Its work force consists of 17 Michigan students and one full-time staff member.  We recognize the importance of spreading out the work over the course of several days so these student employees don't "burn out."
  • Completing reservations via randomly assigned appointment times instead of on a walk-in, first-come first-serve basis does the following:
    • maximizes the fairness of access to limited campus advertising resources.
    • minimizes the amount of wait time; most advertisers are in and out within 20 minutes.  
    • allows you to do as much as possible from the convenience of your computer.
    • Read more about the lottery and its history here


Is this your first time?

If this is your first experience with reserving advertising services, the process can be a little daunting, but we are here to help you!  

  • SORC is open from 10AM-8PM weekdays (6PM Fridays) during the academic year.  Just stop in during regular business hours to talk to a knowledgeable SORC student employee who can guide you through the process. 
    • You can also email us or call 734-764-0436.
    • This conversation will take at least 15 minutes, so we kindly request that you arrive or call at least 30 minutes before we close.
  • It is perfectly fine to wait until after a consultation to submit your lottery applications.  The deadline is January 10; you lose nothing by waiting until the day of the deadline to apply.  


Lottery Applications

Apply for Diag board lottery  OPEN NOW

Apply for the Diag Banner pole lottery  OPEN NOW

Apply for the Table Tent lottery  OPEN NOW


Online Requests Forms for First-Come, First-Serve Services

Request Bus Sign space for Fall reservation period (FULL)

Request Bus Sign space for Winter reservation period (Open now; the week of 1/20-1/27 is FULL as of 12/12)

Request Digital Ad space for Winter reservation period (Open now)

Request Glass Showcase space for Winter reservation period (Open now)



  • Friday, 11/23/18  Online lottery applications opened for Diag BoardsDiag Banner Poles, and Table Tents for the Winter reservation period (advertising for 1/28/19 through 5/13/19).  
  • Friday, 11/23/18  Online requests opened for Digital Ads and Glass Showcases for the Winter reservation period.
  • Wednesday, 11/28/18   Walk-in requests opened for Diag boards and Banner Poles for the week of 1/21-1/28 only.
  • Friday, 11/30/18    Online requests opened for Bus Signs for the Winter reservation period.
  • Thursday, 1/10/19   Deadline 8PM to submit Winter Lottery Applications for:
    • Diag Boards
    • Diag Banners 
    • Table Tents  
  • Weekend of 1/12/19-1/13/19  Lottery results and instructions will be vetted, randomly drawn, and posted on the SORC website.
  • Starting Monday, 1/14/19    Winners of Table Tent lottery can complete reservations via email.
  • Tuesday, 1/15/19    In-person reservation appointments for Diag Banner Poles or Diag Boards for 1/28/19-5/13/19.  Time TBA, contingent upon SORC student staff class schedules.
  • Wednesday, 1/16/19    In-person reservation appointments for Diag Banner Poles or Diag Boards for 1/28/19-5/13/19.  Time TBA, contingent upon SORC student staff class schedules.
  • Thursday, 1/17/19    Deadline to finalize and submit payment for contracts started at lottery appointments.  
  • Friday, 1/18/19    In-person reservations for Diag Boards and Diag Banner Poles for 1/28/19-5/13/19 begin; no appointment is needed.  Start time TBA, contingent upon student staff availability.  Typically, we have sufficient staff to start taking reservations between 11AM-12:30PM.