Balloon Colors

Balloon bouquet

Due to latex allergies and staff sensitivities, we are starting to phase out latex balloons. We strongly encourage all balloon orders be mylar balloons, and may not be able to accommodate latex orders (especially large ones). If you do submit a request for latex balloons, our staff may suggest similar mylar balloon options as a replacement.


Michigan Pride

Show your Michigan pride with maize and blue! These are custom printed and are therefore in limited supply. At certain times of the year, we might have to impose limits on quantity ordered.

Picture of Block M blue mylar Additional Fee Will ApplyBlock M blue mylar 


Picture of Block M Yellow Mylar Additional Fee Will ApplyBlock M yellow mylar 


Picture of Dark Blue MylarDark Blue Mylar Star


 Picture of Sapphire Blue MylarSapphire Blue Mylar Star


Picture of Yellow MylarYellow Mylar Star


 Picture of Gold MylarGold Mylar Star





Mylar Stars (20" diameter)


 Picture of Dark Blue MylarDark Blue Mylar Star


 Picture of Gold MylarGold Mylar Star


 Picture of Sapphire Blue MylarSapphire Blue Mylar Star


Picture of Yellow MylarYellow Mylar 


 Picture of White Mylar StarWhite Mylar Star


 Picture of Lime Green MylarLime Green Mylar Star


 Picture of Turquoise MylarTurquoise Mylar Star  


 Picture of Emerald Green MylarEmerald Green Mylar Star


 Picture of Magenta Mylar StarMagenta Mylar Star


 Picture of Onyx Black Mylar StarOnyx Black Mylar Star 


 Picture of Orange Mylar StarOrange Mylar Star


 Picture of Ruby Red Mylar StarRuby Red Mylar Star


 Picture of Quartz Purple Mylar StarQuartz Purple Mylar Star


 Picture of Rose Mylar StarRose Mylar Star


 Picture of Silver Mylar StarSilver Mylar Star  


Picture of Teal Mylar StarTeal Mylar Star


Picture of Teal Mylar StarRose Gold Mylar Star


Picture of Teal Mylar StarBlue Chrome Mylar Star


Picture of Teal Mylar StarPurple Chrome Mylar Star


Picture of Teal Mylar StarSatin Sangria Mylar Star


Mylar Rounds (18")

Green Chrome Round

Lilac Round

Ruby Red Round

Baby Pink Round

Powder Blue Round

Gold Chrome Round

Mauve Chrome Round

Orange Round

Custom Birthday Balloons (18")

18" Galaxy BirthdayGalaxy Birthday

18" Navy & Gold B'day PkgNavy & Gold B'day 

18" Birthday Script & Confetti Gold PkgBirthday Script & Confetti Gold

18" Stars & Sparkles BirthdayStars & Sparkles Birthday

18" Happy B'day SmilesHappy B'day Smiles 

18" Neon Glow BirthdayNeon Glow Birthday 

18" Balloon Letters Birthday PkgBalloon Letters Birthday

18" Happy B'day BalloonsHappy B'day Balloons

18" Elegant Sparkles B'day PkgElegant Sparkles B'day 

18" Cupcake Party B'dayCupcake Party B'day 

Round Rainbow Color Happy Birthday Foil 

Birthday Greetings purple w/ daisies 

Happy Birthday 

Rainbow Swirl Happy Birthday 

Brilliant 21st Birthday Brilliant 21st Birthday

18" B'day Sparkles 21 PinkB'day Sparkles 21 Pink

30th B'day Candles & Balloons 

Custom Jumbo Mylar Balloons 

24" Black Happy Birthday

39" Satin Stars Birthday39" Satin Stars Birthday 

36" Shiny Birthday Balloons 36" Shiny Birthday Balloons 

36" B'day Balloons On Blue 36" B'day Balloons on Blue

46" Thank You Banner46" Thank You Banner

27" Rainbow Cupcake27" Rainbow Cupcake 

36" Rainbow36" Rainbow 

31" Babysaurus31" Babysaurus 

Smiles for Miles

Custom Congrats Balloons 18"

Emoji Graduation Fun!

Elegant Congratulations

You Did It, Grad! Stars


Rainbow Congrats 

Congrats Grad

Additional Custom Mylar Balloons 18"

18" Colorful Dot Good Luck PkgColorful Dot Good Luck

Multicolor Dot Good Luck

Good Luck Rainbow

Thinking of You

Hope Your Day is Bright

18" Best Wishes Painted Spots Best Wishes Painted Spots

18" Best Wishes Gold Confetti Best Wishes Gold Confetti

Goodbye Orange

18" Bubbly Thank You  PkgBubbly Thank You 

18" Thank You Confetti SquaresThank You Confetti 

18" Thank You Fun Type PkgThank You Fun Type Pkg 

Hot Pink Thanks for Everything You Do!

18" Blue Skies WelcomeBlue Skies Welcome 

18" Welcome Watercolor  Pkg Welcome Watercolor 

18" Lotsa Dots Welcome  Pkg Lotsa Dots Welcome 

Retro Welcome Back 

Welcome Back 

Smile! Feel Better Soon

Get Well Soon

Get Well Flowers

Some People Will Do Anything For Attention! Get Well Soon!

Mr. Flirty Mustache

Happy Valentine's Day Pink Cheetah

Smiley Heart Kissy Balloon

Pink Candy w/ White Swirl 

I Love You Heart

22" Happy Halloween Smiling Pumpkin

Trick or Treat