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Basic information about SORC Balloon Service

Our purpose is to serve the University of Michigan community. We welcome requests from outside the University, but we may not always be able to accommodate them.

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All prices below include weights and curling ribbons.

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We offer a 5% discount on a future order when you return the weights from a previous order.

  • Must be a comparable number of weights.  You can't return a single weight for a 5% refund on an order that uses 6+ weights.
  • Discount must be requested before the contract is completed.
    • The ideal time/place to mention the weight discount is in the "Special Requests" box on the order form.
  • Offer does not apply if weights are substantially damaged/moldy.



  • Payment by cash or check is acceptable when necessary, but we prefer payment by transfer of funds (this also saves you the time of having to visit SORC to make payment, as transfers can be arranged electronically).
  • As long as we can accommodate the request, there is no further information needed for departmental reservations. An SBC will send you an estimate of the charges, allow you to make alterations if needed, and upon mutual agreement, the contract is then final. Our Business Office will process the transfer as soon as we complete the order.
  • For student organizations, there will be an additional step in the approval process:
    • SBCs will forward the request to the person listed as the authorized signer.
    • That person will need to reply to SBC's email from their e-mail account to authorize the transfer of funds from the SOAS account number provided.
    • SORC will verify funds and authorized signer status with SOAS; the contract is then final.
  • Submitting a request implies a financial obligation to SORC for the cost of the balloons, delivery, and any other charges.
    • Once mutual agreement is reached (thereby finalizing the contract), you remain financially obligated even if your event is canceled.
    • If you cancel the balloon request, a full refund may not be possible.
      • Unless the amount of prep work is extensive or we custom-ordered a special item for your group, you can generally expect a 75% refund as long as you notify us 3 days in advance.
      • If you give us less than 3 days' notice, the eligible refund may be less. A significant amount of staff labor is devoted to preparation for your order. Labor costs and the cost of materials to prepare for your order cannot be fully recouped.
    • Read SORC's cancellation policy here.  Note: the timeline for balloon cancellations is much more lenient than what you read on the Cancellation web page.  It depends greatly on the complexity of the order and how far along our preparation is.  A full refund is sometimes possible.


Tabletop Bouquets (3-4 feet) (photos)

two 11" latex colors $4.00
three 11" latex colors $5.50
four 11" latex colors $6.75
More than 4 balloons not recommended for tabletop bouquets unless ceilings are more than 10 feet high.  One imprinted block M balloon can be included in the above bouquets for no extra charge.  
substitute a SuperAgate for any plain latex $0.50 extra
substitute an imprinted block M latex for any plain latex $0.25 extra
substitute a plain star mylar for any plain latex $2.00 extra
substitute a block M mylar for any plain mylar star $2.00 extra
substitute a block M mylar for any plain latex $3.00 extra


Floor Bouquets (6-8 feet) (photos)

Fewer than 5 balloons not recommended for floor bouquets.  Two imprinted block M balloons can be included in the bouquets below for no extra charge.    
five 11" latex colors $8.50  
six 11" latex colors $10.00  
seven 11" latex colors $11.50  
eight 11" latex colors $12.75  
nine 11" latex colors $14.00  
six 16" latex colors $20.00  
substitute a SuperAgate for any plain latex $0.50 extra  
substitute an imprinted block M latex for any plain latex $0.25 extra  
substitute a plain star mylar for any plain latex $2.00 extra  
substitute a block M mylar for any plain mylar star $2.00 extra  
substitute a block M mylar for any plain latex $3.00 extra  


Recognition Bouquets (photos)

The Rock $7.50
The Arb $10.00
The Arb Plus (with 5" bottom cluster) $11.00
Go You, Go Blue  $12.00
The Yost $12.00
The Crisler  $14.00
Oh My Stars (small - 3 stars) $9.00
Oh My Stars (large - 6 stars) $15.00
The Dude $15.00
Latex Free Bouquet Small $16.00
The Quad $18.00
Latex Free Bouquet Medium $20.00
The Fishbowl $21.00
Latex Free Bouquet Large $24.00
The League $25.00
Latex Free Maize & Blue  $23.00


Balloon Arches (photos)

We can only do arches in the Michigan League

Each 11" latex color $2.75
Substitute a SuperAgate for any solid color $0.50 extra


Victors Centerpieces (photos)

Small Victors Centerpiece (16-inch topper with collar of four 5-inchers) $6.00
Large Victors Centerpiece (36-inch topper with collar of four 11-inchers) $18.00


A La Carte Balloons (Latex)

5" latex any color (plain or imprinted) Note: these do not float! $0.50
11" latex any solid color $2.00
11" latex any imprinted balloon (including block M) $2.25
11" latex Super Agate $2.50
16" latex (plain or imprinted) $3.75
GeoBlossom flower-shaped balloon (available in about 12-15 colors) $3.50
Bouquet of 3 GeoBlossoms (available in about 12-15 colors) $10.00
36" jumbo latex balloon (plain or imprinted) $10.00


A La Carte Balloons (Foil/Mylar)

20" plain mylar star $3.00
Bouquet of 3 plain 20" mylar stars (any 3 colors) $9.00
Bouquet of 6 plain 20" mylar stars (any 6 colors) $15.00
18" round Michigan block M mylar $4.00
18-20" mylar balloon with seasonal greeting or block M $4.00
Bouquet of 3 18-20" mylar balloons with seasonal greeting or block Ms $12.00
36" jumbo mylar star (plain) $8.00
30-42" jumbo mylar balloon with greeting $8.00


Delivery and Set-up

Note: these are estimates; delivery costs vary by size and complexity of order

Central Campus

Delivery Fees from Michigan League
Michigan Union $10
South Quad $10
West Quad $10
Munger Residence $10
LSA Building $10
Student Activities Building $10
Residence Halls- Recognition delivery $7
Michigan League Free!
North Quad $7
East Quad  $12
Weiser  $10
Ross $15
Law School $15
School of Social Work $12
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy $15
Residence Halls Event delivery (WQ, SQ, NQ, EQ) $10
East Hall $10
School of Education $12
Ingalls Mall $5
Graduate Hotel $10
MLB $7
Hatcher $10
Shapiro $10
Power Center $10
Rackham $7
Weill Hall $15
School of Public Health $12
Trotter $12
School of Nursing $12

Hill Area

Delivery Fees from Michigan League
Residence Halls Recognition deliveries $7
Residence Halls Event deliveries (Stockwell, Couzens, MoJo, Alice Lloyd, Markley) $10
BSRB $10
Medical Science Buildings $10
Palmer Commons $10
School of Dentistry $10
Athletic Campus Delivery Fees from Michigan League
Intramural Building $12
Oosterbaan Fieldhouse $15
Crisler Center / Junge Center $15
Track & Field Building $15

North Campus

Delivery Fees from Michigan League
Residence Halls - Recognition Delivery $7
Residence Halls- Event Delivery $15
Chrysler Center North Campus $20
Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building $20
NCRC $20
Pierpont Commons $20
Dow Building $20
Duderstadt $20
GG Brown $20
Art and Architecture Building $20
Bob & Betty Beyster Building $20
EECS Building $20
Off Campus Hotels $25
Wolverine Tower $25

Balloon Orders outside regular SORC hours

Option 1: Hi-float additive
Hi-float is an additive that prolongs the float life of 11" latex balloons from 12 hours to 48 hours. With Hi-float, you can pick up the bouquets the day before your event when SORC is open and store them indoors (at your apartment, office, or the event venue) overnight. Unless the outdoor temperature is mild (between 50 and 70 degrees), storing balloons in vehicles is not recommended.
25% of balloon cost
Option 2: Labor surcharge
Pay by the hour for additional SORC labor to inflate your balloons outside regular business hours. Minimum charge 1 hour. For standard latex bouquets, our staff can inflate about 48 balloons per hour. If you request this option, the Student Balloon Coordinator will provide an estimate.
$10 per hour
What about delivery?
SORC is staffed and driven by student employees who are at the mercy of their academic schedules. We are not able to deliver all days at all times; we must unfortunately deny some requests for delivery. Early morning deliveries are the most challenging for us. Consider using Hi-float (described above) and getting your balloons a day ahead.

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Helium Tank Rental

Due to the global shortage of helium and the safety risks of transporting helium, SORC does not offer helium tank rental.