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The SORC offers a full-scale balloon delivery service, managed by the talented team of student employees. We have 2 different request forms for 2 different kinds of orders. The description below will help you determine which form to complete.

    Recognition Balloons

    Just want a few balloons to surprise someone for a special occasion?  We can do that!  Think of them as balloons for individual recognition.  

    We offer delivery too! If you are a parent or family member missing your Wolverine, this service is definitely for you!

    Delivery fees for a single bouquet to campus and surrounding locations range between $7-20. Click on the order form below to choose colors, destination, etc.  

    We accept credit cards via a secure site for recognition balloons. If the balloons are for a student organization or department event, you might be exempt from sales tax, and we accept shortcode! But you might want to consider the "Event Balloons" option below.

    Click here to look at pictures of recognition bouquets

    Order Recognition Balloons!


    Event Balloons

    Event balloons are typically larger quantities of bouquets for decoration at campus events, ordered by people who work at U of M departments or leaders of student organizations.   A U of M "uniqname" and password are required to submit an Event balloon order.  Typically, the balloons ordered on the "Event Balloons" order form are all latex or plain colored mylar stars.  Think of them as balloons for decoration.  

    If you wish to incorporate message balloons into your event order, it is best to visit SORC and check out the selection of "message" balloons in person.  Payment for Event Balloon orders can be made by shortcode only; payment by credit card is not possible.  Sales tax is not charged for orders placed for department and student organization events.  The delivery fees for Event orders varies by destination and size of order.  For example, deliveries in the building where SORC is located are free.  Deliveries to other campus destinations range from $5 to $50 (most deliveries are $10-20).  Examples of Event Balloon orders:

    • Six bouquets of maize and blue for the tabletops at a luncheon.
    • Two bouquets of purple, black, and white (the colors of your conference logo) for the registration table on the weekend of your conference.
    • Twenty bouquets of 3 balloons in primary colors for a recruiting fair (one for each recruiter's table).
    • Eight bouquets of 5 balloons in maize and blue to stand on the floor in the lobby of a sit-down dinner for a special event for your department.

    Click here to look at pictures of all bouquets

    Order Event Balloons!


    More links (photos, colors, prices, etc)

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    If you're not sure which form to use, call 734-764-0436.

    If it's after hours, E-mail us and tell us a little bit about your event.  If what you need is a little bit "event" and a little bit "recognition," we can create a custom order for you that meets your needs.