There are 8 Banner Pole loations on the Diag, which are available on a week-to-week basis. Student organizations and university departments can rent these spaces to advertise for campus events; they are not available to unaffiliated businesses or individuals. 

Advertisers may reserve Diag Banner Pole locations on a week-by-week basis during the academic year (month-by-month in summer). Advertisers must submit their printed banner to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC drivers place banners on the steel poles.

Due to high demand for Diag banners, we accept applications and schedule appointments on a designated week each semester. Contact SORC staff for more information about this or you can get on the mailing list.

See Prices for Advertising Services

Reservation Periods

Each organization can reserve as many as 3 banner spaces per reservation period, not to exceed 1 space per week, during the initial round of reservations.  After first-round appointments have been completed, organizations may reserve more spaces if they are available.

There are three reservation periods each year:

  • The Fall period goes from late August through early January
  • The Winter period goes from early January through late April
  • The Summer period goes from early May through late August

Tree Banners

Banners are not allowed in the trees on the Diag or anywhere on the University of Michigan grounds. It is dangerous to climb trees in order to hang a banner, not to mention harmful to the trees.

Diag Banner

Diag Banners: Deadlines & Placement

Diag banners are due at SORC by 3:00PM on Monday (the day they're scheduled to go up). During the academic year, you can submit banners as late as 5:00PM Thursday, but a $10.00 late fee applies for each item. This late placement option is not available between May 1 and August 31.