Interested in advertising? Get started here and read about each advertising service to learn how to get started!

Advertising Services: Prices

Pricing information for Diag Boards, Diag Banners, the Michigan Union Banner, Bus Signs, Glass Showcases, Table Tents, Digital Ads and related charges.

Spring-Summer Deadlines

Plenty of advertising space is available from May through late August, and space rental is deeply discounted.  The placement schedule is less flexible than during the school year (once every four weeks instead of twice weekly) so if you wish to take advantage of free or super low-cost advertising, you'll need to plan in advance and submit your materials on time.

Fall / Winter Deadlines

Find out deadlines and how far in advance you need to reserve your space for Fall/Winter.

Advertising Services: Eligibility & Content

The advertising services provided by the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) are available for use by recognized student organizations and University departments. Find content requirements here.