Campus Involvement

Group of students

Mission:  Through meaningful involvement, the Center for Campus Involvement creates transformative experiences, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students. Our work is aligned in three areas: student organization and leadership development; student programs within and beyond University Unions; and, student services that support the campus involvement experience.

We have established an advisory board comprised of students from across campus and varying involvement experiences that are committed to improving the student involvement experience at the University of Michigan. The Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board will assist the staff of the office by providing a student perspective of the current campus climate regarding the student experience. This will be accomplished through monthly Board meetings that will focus on learning, discussion, and collaboration about key student involvement issues raised by students to strengthen the work of the Center for Campus Involvement.

Advisor contact information: Nick Smith, Director, and Kelly Dunlop, Associate Director --

Membership: open to students in all academic majors and class years, we seek a diverse student group, campus involvement experience required, flexibility to miss two meetings per year, one academic year appointment with option to return a following year

How to join: Application on Maize Pages due by the last business day of March; discussion-based group interview in April.

Current students:

  • Sejal Mehta
  • Stephanie Madigan
  • Amanda Hampton
  • Katie Miller
  • Harsha Devaraj
  • Amelia Sprong
  • Alieh Kimbeng
  • Bridget Granger
  • Matt Chadwick
  • Rachel Liang
  • Nicole Sigmon
  • Paul Zamarripa
  • Cheryl Zhang
  • Catherine Hamet
  • Felicia Knox
  • Jason Sherbel
  • Emily Siegel
  • Yan Zhao
  • Rohin Patel
  • Yusuf Ahmed
  • Dingan Chen
  • Zaryff Razali
  • Flora Conley
  • Tomas Krepostman
  • Akshay Ramakrishnan
  • Khadijah Hussain
  • Julia Zazove
  • Kathleen Hurley