Campus Involvement

The Center for Campus Involvement is a dynamic, student-focused department that serves undergraduate and graduate students campus wide through its programs and student organization support. Through meaningful involvement, the Center creates transformative experiences, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students.

The Center recognizes and supports over 1,400 student organizations through education, advising, advocacy and a number of services. The Center also implements over 300 co-curricular programs each year, including, but not limited to, cultural and educational programs, films, art exhibits, UMix Late Night, athletic/spirit activities and various performance groups and concerts.

The Center is a department within University Unions, a unit of the Student Life at the University of Michigan.


Through meaningful involvement, we create transformative experiences, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students.


Student involvement shapes leaders who change our world. We believe that every student has the potential to be a leader, and that our activities, programs and student organizations are integral to transformative student learning at the University of Michigan. The development and meaning-making that result from these experiences propel our work.

Our office is an inclusive and welcoming community. Students are challenged to develop new ideas, critically examine different perspectives, anticipate the impact of their decisions within a socially just context, and work together to find innovative solutions. We engage students in campus activities and student organizations that provide meaningful co-curricular learning. These opportunities create life long memories and strengthen our Michigan tradition: a tradition rooted in rich history, but continually looking forward.

The Center for Campus Involvement is a model for campus collaboration, team work, and building relationships. Our work fosters a vibrant campus environment, and promotes a community characterized by creativity, leadership, and global citizenship. The experiences we provide empower our students to challenge the present and enrich the future.

The center for Campus Involvement values Student Centeredness, Excellence, Michigan Pride, Collaboration, Inclusivity & Creativity. With these values we bring our vision and mission to life.

CCI Newsletters

The Center for Campus Involvement writes and distributes two newsletters during the academic year (Fall & Winter semesters). Find below the descriptions for each and learn how to sign up!


Welcome to Michigan

Welcome to Michigan!  

The Welcome to Michigan program is a cross campus collaboration of events and activities with the goal of helping new students make a successful transition to the university community. The 2022 Welcome to Michigan program will include a robust and exciting slate of events to welcome new students to campus. Here are the signature Welcome HoMe events that you can join in! For the full Welcome to Michigan events schedule, download the "U-M Welcome HoMe" app!

Welcome home to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Our Values

Student Centeredness

We are committed to students at the University of Michigan. We believe that the facilitation of co-curricular learning through our programs and services enhances the student experience by providing a foundation for lifelong learning.

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Our Core Work

Transformative Learning

We offer students the opportunities for experiential learning, leadership, the application of knowledge, and critical thought. Through our advising of students, we facilitate the reflection that makes meaning of these experiences and results in learning, student development, and defined purpose.

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Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board

We have established an advisory board comprised of students from across campus and varying involvement experiences that are committed to improving the student involvement experience at the University of Michigan. The Center for Campus Involvement Advisory Board will assist the staff of the office by providing a student perspective of the current campus climate regarding the student experience. This will be accomplished through monthly Board meetings that will focus on learning, discussion, and collaboration about key student involvement issues raised by students to strengthen the work of the Center for Campus Involvement.

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Manager for Student Programs

I am the Manager for Student Programs within the Center for Campus Involvement, a role which allows me to collaborate with a wonderful team of staff and students dedicated to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive Wolverine community through the University Activities Center (UAC) and other programming areas in the University Unions. Our goal is to help students immerse themselves in a meaningful and exciting college experience!