Campus Involvement

CUPSI 2017

The College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) is an international poetry slam competition where colleges and universities around the world send student poets to compete. Poets travel to the host school and compete in a 3 day competition, consisting of several rounds of slams until the final stage. They are then ranked and awards are given. 

Outside of the competitive portion of CUPSI, it is a great way to bond and connect with other poets from different states and schools (also this is great way to make friends!). Several poets that represent U of M at CUPSI come back in years following their CUPSI experience to compete again because it is a blast to get to travel and compete at CUPSI for the University of Michigan. For more information regarding CUPSI, please visit the ACUI website:


  1. Must be currently enrolled as a University of Michigan Student (this includes undergraduate level and beyond).
  2. Must compete and place in the top 5 ranked poets at the final gram slam held in January of the current academic year. 


  1. U of M’s CUPSI Team contains 5 poets who are currently enrolled as a University of Michigan Student (this includes graduate students and beyond). Any student poet can be considered for a spot. 
  2. Student poets competing for a spot on the CUPSI Team can ONLY compete with their original work or will be disqualified.
  3. The 5 highest scoring poets at the final grand slam held in January of the current academic year  will make up the CUPSI Team. 
  4. Poets who leave a poetry slam before the final scores are announced will be dropped from the ranking. 
  5. The CUPSI Team is announced at the end of the final gram slam - Student poets MUST compete in this slam to be considered for the team.
  6. Poets given a spot on the team must sign an agreement that they will show up to the practices and attend the CUPSI competition before becoming a part of the team. If the poet can not fulfill their duties as a CUPSI Team member, they will be replaced with the next highest scoring poet from the final grand slam. 
  7. Poets who prove to be a bad addition to the team through disrespectful behavior will be replaced by the next highest scoring poet from the final grand slam.
  8. CUPSI travel costs are handled by the Slam Poetry's hosting office, the Center for Campus Involvement Office. Poets are NOT expected to pay for their travel and lodging to and from CUPSI. 
  9. CUPSI poets are given an excused absence for all traveling and competition days, however, it is at the discretion of the professor to accept the excused absence request from the Center for Campus Involvement.  Please be sure to clarify with your professor, whether or not they will allow you to miss classes.  

*Any and all additional questions about CUPSI can be answered via email (