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Organization Essentials is a required training implemented to strengthen the basic knowledge of the student organization leadership. The training consists of four focus areas which include Leadership, Policies, Finance, and Meeting/Events. Once your training had been completed, your certification will remain valid until it is re-registered for the following academic year. Organizations who do not complete Organizations Essentials (or whose certification has expired) will be frozen until training is completed. Organization Essentials is offered online through Canvas.  

Note: You will need to sign into Canvas to take the training.

For the training click HERE

New Student Organizations:

New student organizations will complete Organization Essentials training when they register their student organization with Campus Involvement.  Those who do not complete the training will not have their registration completed.

2015/2016 Organization Essentials Requirements: 

Student organizations must have completed a training session by the conclusion of the 2016 Winter semester (April 30th, 2016). Those organizations that did not complete the training will be frozen.

2016/2017 Organization Essentials Requirements: 

  • If your student organization has already registered for the 2016-2017 year, and completed organization Essentials before April 1, 2016, CCI will send your Primary Contact, Authorized Signers, and Advisor (if applicable) a notice at least two weeks in advance of your certification expiration date.  All Authorized Signers will need to complete the training before the expiration date.  The certification date is located in the About section of your Maize Pages account. Each student organization must renew their certification every twelve months. This must be completed by a current authorized signer. The certification date is located in the About section of your Maize Pages account.
  • Any new student organizations registered with Campus Involvement or organizations registered after the September 30 deadline will automatically be directed to take Organization Essentials once their registration is processed.  All Authorized Signers will need to complete the training in order for registration to be completed.


  • When do I receive confirmation that I have completed the training?
    • Within 1 week of completing the training you will receive an email confirmation and it will be posted on Maize Pages. 
  • Who should take this training?
    • Your organization must have all Authorized Signers take the training. We also suggest someone who will be willing and able to share important training information with your organization at large. 
  • What happens if I don't complete a training?
    • Organizations will be frozen until they complete the training, or their registration won't be processed. 
  • I'm an authorized signer for multiple organizations. Can my training count as certification for all my orgs?
    • Yes! If you are an authorized signer for multiple organizations, you may count your training for all of your groups. 
  • How do I check if my organization has been certified?
    • Log-In to
    • Go to your organization site
    • Click About
    • Under Date Student Organization Training Completed will be the date your certification was processed. 
    • All steps of training must be completed before your certification will be confirmed
      • Pre-test
      • Completion of Training
      • Post-test

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by emailing