Campus Involvement

Summer Orientation Fair is held on the first night of each of our orientation sessions. This fair is an opportunity to connect with our students before they even officially arrive on campus free of charge! Sign Ups are first come first serve.

SIGN UP CLOSED! Look back in Spring 2020!

Please note:

  • Organizations must be in good standing
  • This interest form must be submitted by an authorized signer
  • The fair will be held on north campus this year and students will be at the fair from 8:45pm-9:45pm when the buses will pick them up from Pierpont Commons
  • If your group is unable to attend a previously confirmed date the organization must send an email to

Student Organizations Incentive Program:

  • Sign up AND attend 5 sessions, get free digital advertising
  • Sign up AND attend 10 sessions, get free fest
  • Absences: If you no call/no show/miss without prior notice, twice or more, your session count starts over.
    • Prior notice is considered 1 week in advance. This includes if you sign up for more than 10 and miss after you hit the 10 session mark.

Fee: $0 
Location: Pierpont Commons, North Campus
Check In Time: 8:30pm
Fair Time: 8:45pm-9:45pm
Dates: Orientation runs June through Early August

Please select all dates your organization is interested in. You will be emailed confirmation as a follow up. Please contact if you have questions.