Campus Involvement

Volunteer Ushers play a vital role in the events presented by the Center for Campus Involvement's Major Events Office [MEO].    We recognize that events could not happen without the dedicated volunteers who generously give their time to supporting the wide variety of events we host.   Our hope is that the arrangement is mutually beneficial, and that individuals on our usher list-serve find enjoyment in the events we host and fulfillment in the community that is created.  

The Center for Campus Involvement [CCI]/MEO presents a wide repertoire of events in UM’s Major Performance Venues.  We recognizes that some events may have wider appeal than others. However, for our events to be successful, Ushers are needed for all events.  Our ushering policy was developed with the intention of ensuring the success of all events while providing accountability and flexibility for our valued  volunteers.

If you would like to be added to the CCI Usher Listserv, please use the following link to sign up:


Join the CCI Usher Listserv


By subscribing to this list-serve, you agree to maintain and enforce integrity in the ushering community through upholding the following guidelines:

  • Ushers are required to work a minimum of 2 shows per school year (or fiscal year) to remain on the usher list serve.  [That's only 1 show each semester! We hope that you will volunteer for more than the minimum requirement.]
  • Ushers are allowed 3 “notified no shows” per school year (or fiscal year).    

  • Ushers are allowed 2 “no show, no notifications” per school year (or fiscal year).

  • The preferred usher attire is black pants, white top, and close toed shoes.  Ushers should make every effort to dress in or similarly to the preferred attire.  However, Ushers will not be turned away if they are not dressed in the preferred attire.

  • Regardless of experience or tenure, all Ushers must arrive during the check-in window and be present for the Ushers meeting.  Ushers arriving during or after the Ushers meeting may or may not be allowed to usher, depending upon event needs.

  • Ushers are expected to be courteous and helpful to patrons.  

  • Ushers are expected to stay for the duration of the event/performance, unless other arrangements are made with the Head Usher.  

  • Ushers may occasionally be asked to perform other duties, including but not limited to:  staffing a meet & greet, setting up tables, putting up or removing signage, stuffing programs, etc.  

  • Ushers are expected to work with University Production Front of House staff, Head Ushers, CCI/Major Event staff, and client representatives to ensure a successful event/performance/show.  

  • Ushers are expected to adhere to all venue rules and University Policies.