Campus Involvement

The IdeaHub is a home for student orgs! It's the collaborative co-working space for student organizations at the Michigan Union, dedicated to serving all of Michigan’s 1600+ student organizations and their members. At the IdeaHub, students are encouraged to work within and among their student organizations, experiment with leadership and exchange ideas.

Located on the Second Floor of the Michigan Union, the IdeaHub is the perfect place to host your e-board meetings, committee meetings or just to get things done in a high energy, high productivity space.

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IdeaHub Values

Inclusion: Cultivate an accessible, open environment with diverse perspectives and equitable practices.

Collaboration: Empower self and others in a common effort to generate solutions and actions. 

Discovery: Find your passion and learn to lead with others in pursuit of a common goal. 

Innovation: Invent and incubate ideas that create positive, sustainable change in our community.

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