Campus Involvement

Leadership Consulting is a FREE service offered to any member of any student organization at the University of Michigan.

You don't need to hold a formal leadership role to make a leadership consulting appointment-- Any member of any student organization is welcome to meet with us!

Please note: Leadership Consulting is only available during Fall and Winter semesters.

COVID-19 Adjustments: For the health and safety of student organization leaders, all leadership consultation appointments for Winter 2021 will be held virtually. (Updated: January 25, 2021)

How to Make a Leadership Consultation Appointment:

  1. Select a time from our Appointment CalendarDon't see a time that works for you? Fill out the intake form below to tell us your availability and we'll work with you to find a time that does!
  2. Fill out the Intake Form:
  3. The Center for Campus Involvement will contact you to confirm your request to meet and set up a time that works for you. Leadership Consulting is a virtual experience for Winter 2021, so you can expect a video conferencing meeting link and details.

New for Winter 2021: Leadership Consulting Drop-In Hours!

No preparation necessary! Drop-in for as long as you need (within our 1 hour windows, see below!) to discuss your student org questions, challenges and if a leadership consultation is right for you! Our drop in hours this week are listed here:

How can a Leadership Consultant help me?

Leadership Consultants can connect you with resources, activities, exercises and services that may be able to help you and your organization succeed. Using the leadership for social change framework, Leadership Consultants can help you find the things you need to navigate your own personal leadership development as well as to help guide your organization through challenges. Some common organizational challenges this team can help with includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transitions
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Leadership for Social Change
  • Group Dynamics
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Collaboration & Partnerships

What happens during a Leadership Consultation?

Before you meet with a Leadership Consultant, you will fill out an intake form explaining what you want to meet about. The Leadership Consultant will come with relevant resources to help explore those topics. They can also assist you in understanding your organization’s challenges and/or aspirations within your organization’s mission statement and the Leadership & Social Change framework. Before your consultation is over, you will have developed an action plan for next steps you and your organization can take. If there are additional resources that may be helpful, the Leadership Consultant you meet with will include them in a follow-up email.

Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.

How many people can meet with a Leadership Consultant at once?

The Leadership Consultation service is most effective in one-on-one settings. If you want to have a Leadership Consultant work with a committee, eboard or other small group (less than 10 people), please email to inquire about availability.

Who are the Leadership Consultants?

Leadership Consultants are a group of peer educators from the Center for Campus Involvement who have experience and expertise in organizational leadership. They research and develop resources for student organizations, facilitate leadership workshops and provide individual and small group consultations for student organization members at the University of Michigan.