IdeaHub Space Use Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2021

IdeaHub Space Use Policy for Student Organizations

The purpose of the IdeaHub is to ensure student organizations have access to vital resources they need to support and succeed in their endeavors. Services include reservable meeting rooms, storage space, workrooms, movement studios, and special marketing and peer consultant services. 

Although the IdeaHub will primarily serve student organizations, it is a place for students to learn about and be advised on involvement opportunities. Staff will be available to help guide and assist with organization registration and other resources. 

Reservation Hours

The IdeaHub reservable spaces will be available for reservations exclusively for student orgs at the following days/times: 

  • Monday-Friday | 12:15pm - 9:30pm
  • Saturday-Sunday | 10:30am - 9:30pm

Space Use Policies 

Student organizations MUST return all rooms to their original configurations after their reservations. Failure to return rooms to their original configurations will result in loss of booking privileges for the organization.

Groups must adhere to posted room capacities: 

Meeting Rooms

  • McCarty Bishop A/B* - Capacity 12
  • Room IH 2310A/B* - Capacity 12
  • Room IH 2426 - Capacity 12
  • Room IH 2430 - Capacity 8
  • Room IH 2434 - Capacity 12 
  • Movement Studio A - Capacity 20
  • Movement Studio B - Capacity 20
  • Creation Studio - Capacity 8

Any organization that shows disregard for university facilities and equipment or fails to abide by these policies may be denied further use of university space, and/or be referred to the Student Organization Advancement and Recognition or disciplinary action. Organizations will be held responsible for any damages. 

Reservable IdeaHub Spaces 

Meeting rooms include a conference table, chairs, and a digital monitor. Organization leaders can borrow cables and adapters from the IdeaHub front desk if needed.

Movement Studios are open rooms with a mirrored wall, digital monitor, and built-in sound system.

Creation Studio contains a sink, drying area and work table which are available for banner creation, sign making, and other art projects. Spray paint or hazardous chemicals (i.e.mineral spirits) are prohibited in the Creation Studio. 

Reserving IdeaHub Spaces 

All reservable spaces in the IdeaHub will be managed through the EMS Web App. Reservations can be made through EMS or by working with IdeaHub staff in person. 

During the Fall/Winter semesters, only student organizations will be permitted to reserve IdeaHub spaces. 

Spaces must be reserved at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Meeting Rooms*: 

  • May be reserved a maximum of 31 days in advance 
  • Booking duration is limited to 2 hours 
  • Student orgs are limited to 8 reservations per 31 days.

*Note: meeting rooms are available to student organizations on a first-come, first-served basis when not reserved. All reservations will be honored as priority usage.

Creation Studio: 

  • May be reserved a maximum of 31 days in advance 
  • Booking duration is limited to 3 hours 
  • Student orgs are limited to 4 reservations per 31 days. 

Movement Studios:

  • May be reserved a maximum of 31 days in advance 
  • Booking duration is limited to 3 hours 
  • Student orgs are limited to 15 reservations per semester. 

No-Show Policy

Student organizations that are 15 or more minutes late and/or do not show up for scheduled events without prior notice will be in violation of the No-Show Policy. After 15 minutes, the space will become available for another group to use. 

Cancellation Policy

Groups may cancel spaces up to 12 hours prior to the event time without penalty. Cancellations within 12 hours will be considered a no-show. 

Food Policy

No food will be permitted in the Creation studio or movement studios at any time. 

Materials Policy 

No use of candles, adhesives, glitter, dance wax, powder or similar materials is permitted in meeting rooms and movement studios. 

Policy Violation 

An organization who violates any Ideahub policy will result in the organization forfeiting the right to schedule events in IdeaHub Spaces for one month. A second violation will result in forfeiture of all existing and future reservations.