Event Evaluation Meeting

The Event Evaluation (EEVAL) Meeting is designed to improve future events presented by the hosting organization.  An EEVAL Meeting may be held if there are problems that occur throughout the planning process or the event itself.  Problems could include, but are not limited to: the organization not adhering to building access and show start times, deviation from previously communicated plans, failure to follow policy, failure to communicate with university staff.  Any parties experiencing concerns may contact the Center for Campus Involvement to request an EEVAL Meeting.

If an EEVAL Meeting is deemed necessary by CCI, parties will be contacted and a meeting scheduled.  Every effort will be made to hold the EEVAL Meeting within a reasonable time frame following the event.

EEVAL Meeting attendees will vary for each event, but may include:  the Major Events Advisor, University Productions representative, University Productions technical staff, SOAS representative, MUTO Box Office Coordinator, and/or University Police officers.  Attendees will be invited on an as needed basis. 

The Event Contact is allowed to bring additional representative from the organization that worked the event and/or were assigned specific event responsibilities.  The student organization’s advisor is also welcome to attend.

Failure of the Event Contact to attend the EEVAL Meeting may result in additional sanctions being placed on the student organization, with the severest penalty being loosing access to the venues.