Campus Involvement

Finding the necessary money and resources for holding your event or program can often be as time consuming and difficult as the planning or implementation. The Student Organization Guidebook outlines funding policies and resources across campus including fundraising, donations, raffles and University support. 

Below are listed some offices and departments that regularly fund student organization events.  Many of these sources are specific about what types of events and organizations they will fund, so please note the restrictions listed under the “Special Instructions” category for each source. Be sure to visit their webistes for more detailed information.

Address: 3909 Michigan Union
CSG Funding Website
Phone: (734)763-3241
Availability:  All Year, with breaks for finals, and semester ends
Criteria:  The Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) will generally not fund food/beverage, t-shirts, or capital goods. SOFC will not fund gifts, scholarships, or newspaper ads. 
Time Frame:  Rolling funding; Fall/Winter
Maximum:  No limit, average about $300
Payment Method:  Reimbursement
Special Instructions:  Must file a CSG SOFC funding application.

Student Organization Event Funding Assistance Program
Availability: Fall and Winter semesters
Criteria: Available for organizations that would typically hold an event within the Michigan Union but are unable to do so due to the Michigan Union closure. This assistance is created to help offset additional costs incurred in new locations or facilities. A RSO eligible to participate in the Student Organization Event Funding Assistance must be in good standing and in compliance with the Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organization. 
Time Frame: Rolling
Instructions: Complete the Application Form

Contact: Student Academic Multicultural Initiatives (SAMI)
OAMI Funding Website
Address: 515 E. Jefferson, 3009 SAB 1360
Phone: (734)936-1055
Availability: all year
Criteria:  Priority will be given to proposals of merit that assist in the creation of an academic multicultural environment, particularly innovative programs and collaborative efforts between student organizations across cultural backgrounds. A low funding priority will be placed on proposals where food costs comprise a substantial portion of the budget.
Time Frame: 2 to 3 weeks
Maximum: varies
Payment Method: Transfer, but a report including receipts must be filed with OAMI after each event
Special Instructions: Applications must be submitted on the SAMI website. Please visit website for detailed criteria, deadlines and application instructions.

Address: 1429 Hill Street
Phone: (734)769-0500
Availability: all year
Criteria: Usually fund Hillel affiliated groups, may co-sponsor events with other organizations
Time Frame: All year
Maximum: No limit
Payment Method: Both reimbursement and transfer
Special Instructions: Non-Hillel affiliated groups should contact Hillel before applying

Address: 1220 South University Avenue, Suite 208, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2585
Arts at Michigan Funding Website
Phone: (734)764.6413
Availability: 4 cycles, deadlines in Sept, Oct, Jan, and Feb.
Criteria: All proposals must: Employ peer-to-peer leadership and expertise to promote student learning through the arts and instill a sense of the power of the arts to enhance understanding, build communities, and transform lives.  In addition, proposals should meet one or more of the following criteria: expose students to unfamiliar art forms and communities; create a significant impact on student life and learning at UM; utilize the arts as means of addressing challenging topics; increase understanding of or proficiency in the arts; and involve diverse communities for cultural exchange.
Timeframe: See availabilty. 
Payment Method: Transfer to SOAS account.
Special instructions: Grant funds cannot be used to pay for refreshments or transportation.

Address: 1024 Hill St.
Ginsberg Funding Website
Phone: (734)647.7402
Availability: 3 rounds per year
Criteria: Undergraduate and graduate student organizations registered with CSG. Priority given to those who have not received funding from Ginsberg in the last three years.
Time Frame: 2- 3 weeks
Maximum: $1000
Payment method: contact Ginsberg
Special Instructions: Visit Ginsberg Center website for guidelines.

Address:  G 325 Mason
LSA Funding Website
Availability: Fall/Winter Semesters
Criteria:  See application for restrictions
Time Frame:  2 to 3 weeks
Maximum: $2000.00
Payment Method: Reimbursement
Special Instructions:  Only fund events that are open for any LSA student to attend.

RSG Funding Website
Address: 102 Rackham
Availability: All Year
Criteria: RSG Funding is expressly intended for the support of graduate student organizations and initiatives and therefore only organizations with a significant graduate student membership are eligible to apply for funding through RSG.  RSG will not fund food, alcohol, parties, club sports, and excessive honoraria: prefers to fund academic or cultural graduate student related events.
Time frame: 3 to 4 weeks
Maximum: No limit
How Paid: Transfer or check
Special Instructions: Must file an on-line RSG funding request form, and must present request at an RSG meeting funding requests are heard by the RSG at the last meeting of every month.

Address: 530 S. State Street, 2202 Michigan Union
MESA Funding Website
Phone: (734)763-9044
AvailabilityFall & Winter semesters 
Criteria: Student organizations seeking to further the mission of MESA will be considered. MESA promotes student development and empowers the campus community around issues of diversity and social justice through the lens of race and ethnicity. Please read and review our guidelines prior to submitting your application. Please visit the MESA office website to learn more and obtain an application.

Time frame: At least 10 days in advance of program/event date 
Maximum: $400 per semester/ $800 per academic year  
Payment method: Depends on specific expenditures for each event or program 
Special Instructions: MESA's funding process is an interactive process designed to help your organization be intentional and successful in your programming efforts. Submitting an application is only one step in the process; a representative from your organization will be required to meet with MESA staff before and after your program. Please refer to this chart to learn more about our process. 


CWPS Funding Website
Criteria: Will occasionally fund groups and activities designed to increase the understanding of women’s issues
Time Frame: about 2 weeks
Maximum: $25 – $150
Payment Method: Transfer


CEW Website

Address: 330 East Liberty
Phone: (734)764-6005
Availability: All Year
Criteria: Will occasionally fund groups and activities designed to increase the understanding of women’s issues
Time Frame: about 2 weeks
Maximum: $25 – $150
Payment Method: Transfer
Special Instructions: Submit a project description and budget in writing if possible

ESG Funding Website
Address: 1226  EECS 
Fall & Winter Semesters 
Criteria: Funding requests for initiatives may be made by any individual, organization, or group. Initiatives funded will be those that will benefit the engineering student community. Funding guidelines can be found within Appendix B of the ESG Bylaws (see website above).
Time Frame: 2 to 3 weeks 
Maximum: Absolute limit of $5,000 per semester, typical around $500
Payment Method: Transfer 
Special Instructions: Please see website for application instructions

Address: G103 South Quadrangle 600 E. Madison
RHA Funding Website
Phone: (734)763-3497
Availability: Fall / Winter semesters
Criteria: Organizations requesting funds must be registered with CSG and SOAS, a Hall Council, a Multi-cultural Council, or a standing residence hall staff-sponsored committee. Organizations must be debt-free with the university.
Time Frame: 2 to 3 weeks
Maximum: No limit
Payment Method: Transfer
Special Instructions:  RHA only allocates $500 each year for non-housing activities.  A representative of the organization must present proposal at a scheduled RHA meeting. Please see the Allocation Request Guidelines for more details.  Requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event.


Spectrum Center Grant Opportunities
Address: Michigan Union Room 3200
Availability: Fall & Winter Semesters 
Criteria: Funding requests for initiatives may be made by student organizations. Initiatives funded will be those that will contribute to the experiences, awareness, and improvement of LGBTQ communities on campus.
Time Frame: 2 to 3 weeks 
Maximum: Typically around $200

Payment Method: Journal Entry Transfer 
Special Instructions: Please see website for application instructions



Spectrum Center Grant Opportunities
Address: Michigan Union Room 3200
Availability: Fall & Winter Semesters 
Criteria: Funding requests for initiatives may be made by any individual or student organization. The intent of this funding initiative is to create opportunities for University of Michigan students to transform policies and practices on campus, in the community, and on a national scale that positively impact LGBTQ communities. It is also an opportunity for applicants to invest in skills and knowledge that may contribute to their leadership development.
Time Frame: 3 weeks 
Maximum: Absolute limit of $3,000 per academic year, typically around $500
Payment Method: Transfer 
Special Instructions: Please see website for application instructions

SODEXO (Michigan Stadium Concessions Stands)
Address: 1000 State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: Jerry Furhman - (734-645-6411) or Brad Standbridge (734-395-0430).
Availability: Be able to work Michigan Home Football Games
Criteria: Must have between 8 and 18 people to work
Time Frame: Request at least a month in advance
Maximum: 9.5% of concessions sales
Payment Method: Check
Special Instructions:  Contact them to discuss further any other questions

Think outside the box!
Consider approaching offices and/or departments not listed on this document. Though all offices may not regularly offer financial support, they may be interested in supporting your specific event.

Other funding opportunities:

Bake sales: Registered groups may hold bake sales in Haven Hall, but must apply for space, visit this page.

Bucket Drives: Groups may hold bucket drives on the Diag to raise money for charitable causes.  CCI coordinates the use of the space and issues permits but does not provide buckets.  To hold a bucket drive, you must also schedule either an info table or large event.  There is no cost to reserve an info table space on the Diag, but large events require event insurance (at a cost).  For more information and to submit a request, visit this page.

College Governments: Often individual college governments will fund activities directly related to their college.
University Departments: Departments may contribute to an event or activity that is directly related to its field of study. Contact individual departments for more information.