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Diag / Grove Reservation Process

Outdoor Space Use Policy Note

All outdoor events, including those held on the Diag and/or Grove are subject to the Facilities and Operations Outdoor Events policies. Read those policies on the Facilities and Operations website.


Policies for Diag Use

Central Campus Diag Event Types

There are 4 types of events that can happen on any given day on the Central Campus Diag. They are:

  • Information Tables, up to 3 organizations per day

    • The space of up to three 6-foot tables.

    • In front of the concrete benches around the perimeter of the Diag on the West, North, and East.

      • If you want your Info Table to be in a specific location on the Diag, please mention this in your application.

    • You are reserving the space only; CCI does not provide tables/chairs.  The Diag Coordinator can refer you to several places where you can get tables and chairs.

  • Bucket Drive, 1 organization per day

    • See Diag Usage Restrictions/Policies above

  • Large Event, 1 organization per day

    • Space in the middle of Diag, the brick space including the "M". 

    • Does not include the Info Table spaces around the periphery unless you specifically request those as well.

      • Note: if you reserve the Large Event space but don't request the Info Table spaces, other events may be permitted during yours.

    • Special setup often required. Examples: 

      • Use of electricity or other requests from Facilities & Operations.

      • Items being delivered to the Diag by outside companies (tents, tables, etc.).

      • Amplified sound permit.

    • Large events typically end by 5PM.

  • Night Event, 1 organization per day

    • An event that starts at 5PM or later is a Night Event.

  • More Information 

    • Diag space is reserved by the day, not by the hour.  Even if an event lasts only for an hour, it is the only instance of that event for that day. 

    • A Bucket Drive cannot be a standalone event; it must be supplemental to an existing event (Info Table, Large Event, or Night Event).

    • Large Events and Night Events often have special set-up and operational needs, so the timeline for planning them is longer.


North Campus Gerstacker Grove Event Types

There are 4 general types of events that can happen simultaneously on the North Campus Gerstacker Grove. They are:

  • Information Tables, up to 3 organizations per day

    • The space of 3, 6 ft tables 

    • Along the side of designated walkways

    • CCI does NOT provide tables/chairs. To reserve tables please contact Student Organization Resource Center (764-0436) or LSA Facilities (764-0323)

  • Bucket Drive, 1 per day

    • See Diag Usage Restrictions/Policies above

  • Large Event, 1 per day

    • Space in middle of Tower Plaza area, requesting a large amount of space

    • Special setup

    • Use of electricity or other plant requests

    • We offer 1 large evening event per day as well (after 5p), apply under Large Event

  • Tent Area, 1 per day

    • Specific event located in designated tent area

    • Closed events possible

    • Food and Tenting policies vary for this space


How do I know which type of space to request?

  • Info Tables are pretty simple; if you are passing out information about your organization or an event that you're having, one of the 3 Info Table spaces is just what you need.

  • Large Events are a little more complex; there is a broad range of activities that happen in the Large Event space.

    • One very important thing to bear in mind is that structures can't block the Fire Lane. If the event that you're planning involves structures of any kind, you will need to discuss placement with the Diag Coordinator.

    • Some large events actually work better in the Info table spaces. For example, if you are hosting an event with multiple event partners, and each partner only needs to set up a table, you should submit a request for all of the Info Table spaces, not necessarily the Large Event space. The Info Table spaces can accommodate up to 24 tables for large-scale tabling events with multiple partners.

  • It is always best to explain your event set-up needs in the event description, so CCI staff can make an informed decision about which space will work best for you.


Diag Usage Policies:

  • Only recognized student organizations and university departments with valid University accounts (i.e. shortcodes) are eligible to reserve the Diags.

  • The Center for Campus Involvement does not share the name of organizations reserving the space.

  • You may not use stakes of any kind on the Diag or grassy areas (For acceptable structure and equipment dimensions see the Outdoor Common Areas policy).

  • No motorized vehicles may be driven on the Diag or sidewalks leading up to the Diag.

  • Time limits – 8:00am to 10:00pm. Events outside of this time have the option to apply for a waiver. Time exemptions will be made with consultation of Campus Police and Facilities and Operations to ensure safety.

  • "University Days" are days in which the Diag cannot be reserved (no exceptions). This includes study days, exams, and graduation.  More information here (opens in new window).

  • Sales and solicitations are strictly prohibited on the Diag. 

  • Inflatables are not permitted at this time, due to COVID. All inflatables must be under 8 feet in height and must be kept clear from any trees, benches or other stationary objects on Diag property.

  • Open flames are not permitted on the Diag at any time.  This includes candles, grills, etc.

  • You must print and carry a copy of your permit the day of your event.

  • Chalking

    • Chalking with water soluble chalk is allowed on University sidewalks and plazas. Chalking is prohibited on other University property including, but not limited to, buildings, columns, seating, walls, steps, and other surfaces, structures and fixtures. The University has no responsibility for maintaining or removing chalk placed on sidewalks or plazas.

    • Aerosol spray chalk is not acceptable on any surfaces.

  • Food on the Diag

    • Food is not permitted at events on the Diag or Grove at this time. Full details about Outdoor Event Guidelines during the COVID crisis are coming soon.

    • Food on the Diag is allowable with advance planning. The more complex the food, the more advance planning is needed.  Food Guidelines for Diag and Grove

    • All food serving must meet Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS) standards for approval.

    • Consult OSEH at 734-647-1142 prior to planning to bring food not listed on the above Google doc.

    • No sales of food, including "suggested donations," are permitted on the Diag.

  • Trash

    • Approved events are required to keep the immediate area free from litter and to remove all of their materials from the area upon completion of use.

    • Trees, grass, and shrubs shall not be altered, damaged, or destroyed.

    • If your event will generate more trash than the existing containers will accommodate, it may be necessary to get assistance from Grounds & Waste Management.  There is a cost associated with this.

  • Inflatables/Canopies/Rentals and Other Structures

    • Inflatables are not permitted at this time, due to COVID.

    • If your organization is interested in deploying any form of inflatable structure or rental item, it may not exceed the 8 foot height restriction or be larger than 10’ x 10’ (footprint).

    • All items must be kept clear from any trees, benches or other stationary objects on Diag property. In addition, a Certificate of Insurance from the rental company MUST be submitted to

    • Inflatable games must be attended by volunteers from the hosting organization at all times.  

    • Hammocks:  because hammock strings are harmful to the trees, this is not permitted in the grassy areas around the Diag.  It is not safe to hang hammocks from light poles (this is also not permitted).

  • Amplified Sound

    • Amplified sound is considered any source of amplification from an electrical source such as laptops, megaphones, large speakers, etc.

    • Acoustic instruments are not considered amplified sound.

    • The allotted 12:00PM-1:00PM time has been reserved for events that require amplification.

    • Noise Exemption Requests

      • Events that require an exemption to this rule have the option to apply for an exemption. Noise exemptions are requested by our office and reviewed by members of the neighboring libraries and academic building communities. Event details and the names of those requesting a noise exemption are not disclosed to the reviewing committee. If approved for a Noise Exemption, you may have amplified sound for up to an additional 4 hours. Times when noise exemptions are likely to be approved are outlined below but not guaranteed. Requests that fall outside the times below will not be considered for a Noise Exemption:

      • Monday to Friday: 5PM and 10PM up to 4 hours with an approved Noise Exemption Request.

      • Saturday & Sunday: (between sunrise and 10PM); up to 4 hours with an approved Noise Exemption Request.

      • There is a timeline of 3 weeks for noise exemption review.

  • Bucket Drives

    • Bucket drives are the collection of money for donation taking place in outdoor spaces.

    • Bucket drives cannot be stand-alone events. They must be part of either an Info Table or Large Event.

    • Bucket drives must be for charities only; you cannot do a Bucket Drive to raise funds for your organization.

    • Donations/Bucket Drives must be scheduled with the Center for Campus Involvement at least three working days prior to the activity to allow for proper scheduling.

    • Permits are issued for no more than two consecutive days. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, a day shall be from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. or dusk, whichever is earlier.

    • Groups sponsoring donations must provide donors and potential donors with written information about the beneficiaries (through pamphlets, leaflets, signs, etc.).

    • Only one donation per common area may occur at a time, and may not occur in the same areas and on the same day as a major program sponsored by another user.

    • Only one donation per eligible user may be scheduled per day, per designated outdoor common area. Eligible users may schedule up to two days per month, per common area (for up to six total days per month).

    • Donations must not interfere with normal University operations and may only occur in the public passageways.

    • Donations can only be collected in the form of CASH. Any other forms of fundraising or donation collection is not permitted on the Diag (can or clothing drives, etc.).

    • All money collected by recognized student organizations must be deposited into the organization's SOAS accounts (no exceptions) and must be handled in compliance with the requirements of the SOAS Office, via a University Fund Account.

    • For more information on donations, please visit the Student Organization Finances page on Donations.


Rules for All Outdoor Events

The Diag is governed by the policy for Scheduled Use of the University of Michigan Outdoor Common Areas. It is your responsibility to understand the policy and follow all the guidelines. This information in no way takes precedence over the Diag policy. Please also be aware of the Student and Faculty Filming Guidelines and Requirements

Any user may seek to have specific parts of this policy waived for a specific purpose via the Diag Waiver Process.  Waiver requests must be submitted 30 days in advance. Blank Waiver document (make a copy; customize to your needs).

For all outdoor, non-diag events, you must submit a different request to Facilities & Operations.  Click here to visit their website.



If you have questions about the Diag Policy, please contact the Center for Campus Involvement at 763-5900 or email If you have questions about use of the Grove, please contact

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