Campus Involvement

Recommendations for hosting a successful large name concert or comedian

  • Familiarize yourself with how to plan events in the Major Performance Venues, campus policy and procedures, as well as the Guidebook for Student Organizations.

  • Work with CCI to select and reserve a Major Performance or Athletic Venue.  When selecting a date, take into account the UM academic calendar, other events happening on campus and the surrounding community, as well as religious and US holidays.  

  • Familiarize yourself with the expenses associated with hosting a concert and the estimate provided by CCI.  Understand how the artist you select will influence the budget.  

  • Know your organization's budget.  Determine in advance what the financial goal of the show is (make money, break even, raise money for charity, etc.)

  • Allow adequate time to fundraise and conduct research.

  • If fundraising, create standard sponsorship packages so contributors will know what they will receive for their contribution.

  • If fundraising, be sure to connect with the Business Engagement Center to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Complete research on artists of interest.  Research can include box office numbers and ticket revenue as well as artist reputation and promotability.  CCI can help with this by obtaining Pollstar tour reports.

  • When selecting an artist, take into account the campus culture and climate.  Conduct a survey or poll fellow students about what artists they want to see on campus.  Exercise best practices by utilizing this Reflection tool for Major Artist Selection.  

  • Work with CCI staff to obtain a list of artists within your price range and available on the date you have reserved.

  • Allow adequate time to negotiate an offer or submit secondary offers. Just because you would like to host an artist on campus doesn't mean they are available or will accept the offered performance fee.

  • Allow adequate time to negotiate the contract and rider, competitively bid purchases, publicize, and sell tickets.

  • To maximize the opportunity for the event to be successful, student organizations should have a verbal agreement from an artist a minimum of 1 month prior to their concert date.

  • Work with CCI staff to follow UM's contracting and purchasing guidelines.  More information on contracting is available online in CCI's Guidebook for Student Organizations.

  • Create a marketing plan.  Be intentional about announcing the show.  Reserve diag boards, bus signs, and table tents through SORC immediately after reserving a venue date.

  • Remember that each show is unique and will have circumstances unique to that venue, artist, agent, etc.  What worked in one instance may not work for the next.




Policies to be aware of

Student organizations must have adequate funds in their SOAS account to cover all concert expenses [artist fee, venue costs, production] prior to submitting an offer to an artist.  The Manager for Student Services and Major Events will  transfer the Student Organization’s funds to an established show account managed by CCI. In accordance with the promoter agreement, concert expenses will be paid from this account by CCI.


Student Organizations must sign a promoter agreement for rental of the reserved space.  This agreement also outlines the responsibilities of both parties.  


Official offers to an artist can only be made by the Manager for Student Services and Major Events. These offers will be presented on University letterhead. UM students cannot extend offers to major performance artists.


Student Organizations must have acceptance of the offer in writing prior to putting tickets on sale.  Best Practices would include having a fully executed contract prior to putting tickets on sale.  


Tickets must be sold through the Michigan Union Ticket Office [MUTO].

All major artist agreements will be signed in accordance with the SPG Signatory Authority amendment.


Revenue from ticket sales will be deposited into the show account.  Settlement will occur according to CCI's standard operating procedure, as outlined in the promoter agreement.  



We recommend the following timeline:

8 - 10 months out

Meet with with CCI staff to discuss the process for hosting a concert or comedian on campus.

Work with CCI to select and reserve a Major Performance or Athletic Venue/date.

Obtain a good faith estimate from CCI for hosting such an event.  


Reserve bus signs, diag boards, and table tents

6 - 8 months out

Research artists, conduct polling and sampling of campus


Fundraise and confirm funding.  

6 months out

Connect with Booking Agents or Middle Agent


Research artists of significant interest, pull Pollstar tour reports

4 - 5 months out

Finalize talent and production budget

3 - 4 months out

Engage in the Major Artist Selection Reflection process with CCI staff.

Work with CCI to submit an offer to an artist.

Sign the Student Life Promoter agreement.  

3 months out

Develop Marketing plan

Obtain Insurance [if necessary]

2 - 3 months out

Have an offer accepted by an artist


Issue the Major Artist Performance Agreement & negotiate as needed


Obtain press kit and develop marketing materials


Obtain riders and hire production company

2 months out

Event Information form due


Get volunteer Ushers

1 ½  months out

Set-up ticket sales


Announce & Advertise

1 month out

Tickets go on sale


Continue to Advertise

1 - 2  weeks out

Advance the show


Make meal arrangements

3 - 5 - days out

Obtain hospitality rider items


Dressing room signs, create Day of Show Schedule