Need balloons? We've got 'em!

The SORC offers a full-scale balloon delivery service, managed by the talented team of student employees.  We also welcome walk-in requests for small bouquets to recognize someone's birthday or other special occasion.

Woman holding balloons

Advertising for Spring-Summer Reservation period

This year, the Spring-Summer reservation period encompasses May 9 through September 19.  From May 9 through August 29, space rental is by the month (four week period) and is deeply discounted.  Starting August 29, weekly rental resumes, and the rental rates return to normal.

Bus Signs: Request Space

SORC is now accepting reservation requests for the Spring-Summer reservation period, which includes May 9 through September 18, and the Fall reservation period, which includes September through January 19, 2017.  

Spring-Summer, Fall, and Winter are three separate booking periods; it is not possible to start a reservation in Winter and continue into Spring/Summer, nor start in the Spring/Summer period and continue into Fall, nor start in Fall and continue into Winter.


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Fall Lottery Applications OPEN!

The applications for the Fall advertising lottery are open as of May 16, 2016.  The deadline to submit an application is Thursday, September 8 at 10PM. The Fall reservation period includes posting dates between September 19, 2016 and January 16, 2017.

Lottery customers

Spring-Summer Deadlines

Plenty of advertising space is available from May through late August, and space rental is deeply discounted.  The placement schedule is less flexible than during the school year (once every four weeks instead of twice weekly) so if you wish to take advantage of free or super low-cost advertising, you'll need to plan in advance.


Hours of Operation

Spring Hours of Operation

Hours   Weekdays  11AM-4PM
Hours   Saturday   CLOSED
Hours   Sunday   CLOSED